Become a Life Management Coach with Life Management Academy

Become a Life Management Coach with Life Management Academy


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    Become a Life Management Coach with Life Management Academy

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About The Event


Here's your opportunity to start a career, full-time or part-time, as a highly respected, highly sought after and highly rewarded.


Imagine waking up each morning totally happy and passionate about your life, because each day you are following your dream, changing people's lives and getting paid to do it.


If you want to be an effective Life Management Coach, you must practice yourself what you preach. If you are not committed, you can’t ask participants to be committed. If you are not punctual and trustworthy, you can not ask participants to be punctual and trustworthy. If you cannot practice forgiveness and gratitude then  you can not expect participant to practice and it will not work out. It will not hit their mind; there is no alignment of thought vibration. Only good in speaking will not workout in the long run, to be an effective trainer and communicator. You must practice yourself whatever you convey. Your thoughts and actions must be aligned.



Once your thoughts and actions are aligned, your presence will emit positive vibration (aura), then whatever you convey; people will give their best effort to act on your instruction. Once your participants act on your instruction, you become an effective Life Management Coach. 


Participation fees Rs.200/-


Nominal Investment for the full program to be committed to self



The other Professional Development Program I am conducting is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in Professional Development



If you are dealing with machines or computers, if you press the right button (IQ) you get the desired result. In our professional life we have to deal with human computers and these human computers have emotion. Therefore Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays vital role in our Professional Development.



Let's meet in the evening at 6:30pm


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