Club Westend Night Feat.Dirty Saffi|Al Shanka(Psymmetrix)|DJ Nuky|Suntribe|Tandav Assassin|Hide|AJ Psybaba @1lounge-Pune-5th May-5pm!!

Club Westend Night Feat.Dirty Saffi|Al Shanka(Psymmetrix)|DJ Nuky|Suntribe|Tandav Assassin|Hide|AJ Psybaba @1lounge-Pune-5th May-5pm!!


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Dirty Saffi-Bom Shanka Recds>>>>>>>>>>>
The hard twisted tunes soaked offspring of the romantically intertwined DJ Nuky and Al Psymmmetrix.

With a mission to rock dance floors with hard psy-trance straight from the heart chakra combining animal passion and sharp mind shattering production. Anti-pro-demonic leads washed and hung out to dry while bass lines bigger than an elephants charge at the speed of sound.

Highly charged postive trance looking towards a post-electronic soundscape built on silky smooth production and powered by love... this is Dirty Saffi!

Psymmetrix-Bom Shanka Recds>>>>>>>>>>>

The two producers that make Psymmetrix are Al and Richie.

They have been writing music together since Winter 04/05, quickly forming a well received live set that they debuted at the 'Liquid Futures' NYE party.

Since this time they have been either hard at work in the Psymmetrix studio or out playing their live set in many different countries and continents.

November 2007 saw the hotly anticipated release of their first album 'Twin Headed Monster'.

The monster was released after months of hard genetic-sonic programming and thorough dance floor testing and was preceded by releases on Doof, Wildthings, Peak, Pharpsyde, Free Radicals, and Looney Moon.

July 2009 saw the release of their 2nd album 'Psymmetrix and Other Animals' and in December 2011 they released their 3rd album 'No More Milking it'. Now they continue to write more killer Psymmetrix tracks, as well as their solo projects (Asimilon & Dirty Saffi) and also 'Big Scary Monsters' with Illegal Machines in between a hectic international gig schedule.

Suntribe- Universal Dance Records>>>>>>>>>>>

Suntribe aka Ash was born in India. Blessed with a family that gave him liberty to choose his own creative path. This freedom gave Ash the scope to learn more about music. Choosing Australia as his base of evolution “Suntribe” was born. With a kind of psychedelic sound that reflects every atom of his personal experiences Suntribe's complex beats with hypnotic overtones are a sound that’s managed to uplift dance floors on a global scale.

Having played at Australian events including Honto, Traincore, Bliss, Freebase, Digital Mayhem, Southern Oracle and Earthcore Global Carnival 4 years in a row, Suntribe was ready to take on the world. Touring countries including India, Chile, Argentina, Dubai, Bolivia and many more Suntribe’s live shows and 1st album – India Trance Rediscovered received rave reviews across the spectrum of the dance scene. Also have release Dance floor killer which was release by Interface records Mexico and Undefined Sound which was release by Psycore records UK.

Having performed with artists including GMS, Raja Ram, Eskimo, Space Tribe, Electric Universe, Sesto Sento, Juno Reactor, Sun Project and Infected Mushroom Ash decided to expand into several other music projects under the names of Asatoma and Digitalsun.

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