Book Online Tickets for Cloudera Hadoop Developer Training at Gu, Gurugram. Course OverviewThis four-day training course is for developers who want to learn to use Apache Hadoop to build powerful data processing applications. 
Prerequisites: This course is appropriate for developers who will be writing, maintainin

Cloudera Hadoop Developer Training at Gurgaon


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About The Event

Course Overview

This four-day training course is for developers who want to learn to use Apache Hadoop to build powerful data processing applications.

Prerequisites: This course is appropriate for developers who will be writing, maintaining and/or optimizing Hadoop jobs. Participants should have programming experience; knowledge of Java is highly recommended. Understanding of common computer science concepts is a plus. Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required.

Hands-On Exercises: Throughout the course, students write Hadoop code and perform other hands-on exercises to solidify their understanding of the concepts being presented.

Optional Certification Exam: Following successful completion of the training class, attendees can receive a Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) practice test. Cloudera training and the practice test together provide the best resources to prepare for the certification exam. A voucher for the training can be acquired in combination with the training. 

Target Group: This session is appropriate for developers who will be writing, maintaining oroptimizing Hadoop jobs. Participants should have programming experience, preferably with Java. Understanding ofalgorithms and 
other computer 
science topics is a plus.  

Information on Trainers

Joris Bontje

Joris has a background in fraud detection and anti-money laundry software in the financial sector. In this environment he discovered the limits of relational databases, which got him interested in NoSQL solutions
such as Hadoop and MongoDB. Joris combines these with the fundaments of functional programming and contributes to several open source projects around secure communications and financial cryptography.

Joris is Certified Cloudera Apache Hadoop Trainer.

Gagan Agrawal

Gagan has a rich experience in domains like e-Governance, Document and Content Management, Customer Communication Managmement. Most of the projects he worked, involved huge data processing and were built on top of RDBMS, faced a lot of challenges in terms of scalability. Accordingly he started exploring other alternatives like Hadoop and Graph Databases and found them very interesting. He has mastered these technologies and applied them in various use cases. 

Gagan is also an active blogger/speaker and have been speaking on these technologies in conferences like IndicThreads 2012 and 2013.

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet is a passionate software developer has experience in working on cutting edge technologies in various domains like Online travel, Aviation & Data security, in both product and services industry. He likes exploring new technologies and platforms in the field of large scale data processing and analysis. He is part of the core group responsible to provide Big Data solutions using technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, elastic search etc.

Jagmeet has delivered many in house trainings for various Big Data technologies.

About Xebia

Xebia is an international IT Services organization with offices in Hilversum (NL), Paris, Gurgaon, Santa Monica and Boston. Started in 2002 we now employ 350 people worldwide with revenues of over 45 Millon USD. We offer services and solutions clustered around our key competences: Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Agile Consulting & Training, BigData, Enterprise Web Apps and Enterprise Mobile.

GoDataDriven is a leading consultancy firm in Big Data technologies. GDD offer end to end Big Data implementations from infrastructure via data science to working software. GDD is a Cloudera training and SI partner since 2011, having offices in India and Europe.

Key Promises of this Training

  1. The core technologies of Hadoop.
  2. How HDFS and MapReduce work.
  3. How to develop MapReduce applications.
  4. How to unit test MapReduce applications.
  5. How to use MapReduce combiners, partitioners and the distributed cache.
  6. Best practices for developing and debugging MapReduce applications.
  7. How to implement data input and output in MapReduce applications.
  8. Algorithms for common MapReduce tasks.
  9. How to join data sets in MapReduce.
  10. How Hadoop integrates into the data center.
  11. How to use Mahout's machine learning algorithms.
  12. How Hive and Pig can be used for rapid application development.
  13. How to create large workflows using Oozie.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Motivation for Hadoop
  3. Hadoop: Basic Concepts
  4. Writing a MapReduce Program
  5. Unit Testing MapReduce Programs
  6. Delving Deeper into the Hadoop API
  7. Practical Development Tips and Techniques
  8. Data Input and Output
  9. Common MapReduce Algorithms
  10. Joining Data Sets in MapReduce Jobs
  11. Integrating Hadoop into the Enterprise Workflow
  12. Machine Learning and Mahout
  13. An Introduction to Hive and Pig
  14. An Introduction to Oozie
  15. Conclusion
  16. Appendix: Graph Processing in Map Reduce

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