Industry Oriented ERP Certification Program by NSIC

Industry Oriented ERP Certification Program by NSIC


  • ERP Certification Program by NSIC

    Industry Oriented ERP Certification Program by NSIC

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About The Event

Need for IT

We all know that Information technology is an enabler for any entity, be it Business, Government, NGO, Politics etc., But off late it has been proved that the right deployment of IT with adoption of ongoing changes from time to time will be the key differentiator for any of the entity mentioned above.


As we go little deeper into this discussion, we come to know that there a two groups. One, the Adopters of IT solutions and the other, which are the Providers. The Adopter group will be the Team of End users and the Management of the organisation or the entity. On the other hand the Provider group will consist of Domain Experts, Software Developers, Testers, Solution Architects, Implementers (Consultants & Trainers) etc.,


Internet Revolution

Since 2004 after the Telecom revolution in India, we all know that the growing availability of Internet, that has completely changed the landscape of both buying and deployment of IT solutions. It enabled several IT solutions like CRM, ERP, SCM, Billing, Help Desk and  others IT solutions on Cloud / SaaS Software as a Service model. It has also shifted the Hardware Sales more to the datacenters rather than individual organisations.  This means to adopt such solutions the Organisation or the entity need not have to incur any capital & revenue expenditure or maintain the following:

  • create any IT infrastructure
  • Procure expensive software
  • Dedicated and specialized IT resource
  • Data Backups & Patch management etc.,

But just need to have stable Internet connection and Pay the subscription charges on a monthly basis.


New opportunities for Students and Professionals

The simplicity and affordability of IT solutions on Cloud / SaaS model has opened-up immense opportunity for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to adopt such solutions like CRM, ERP etc,. Correspondingly, this has also increased the demand of End-users, Implementers and Entrepreneurs (for Sales and Implementation) who can build their own consultancy with the knowledge of these applications to support the growing eco system.


In view of this a 10 days course has been organised at National Small Industry Cooration of India (NSIC)  on the ERP solution on cloud computing. This is a certification course, covering the details of an ERP solution specifically focused for the Manufacturing Industries. The following are the topics covered during the training program.

1. Introduction to Manufacturing Industry
2. Transaction process of Manufacturing Industry
3. Introduction of ERP solution
4. Various Business Cycles of ERP solution

a. Accounts Payable (Purchase Order, Goods Receipts)
b. Accounts Receivables (Sale Order, Invoice)
c. Materials Management (Material Requisition, Issues)
d. Planning (Material Requirement Planning)
e. Production Planning

f. Financial Accounting (Vouchers, Cash Book, Bank Book, Day book, DOS, COS, General Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L, Balance sheet)

5. Selling the ERP solution

6. Implementation & Support process of ERP solution



Through this is a certification program, the participants may be provided with job assistance based on the need. But this is not a job guarantee program.


Benefit of attending this course

The target audience for the program will be the students and professionals working in the manufacturing industry. The benefits for the participants will be as follows:

  • Knowledge and understanding of an ERP solution
  • Employment opportunity in the industries adopting ERP solution
  • Employment opportunity at Syscon and with Partner organizations of Syscon
  • Entrepreneurship opportunity to become Sales / Implementation Partners of Syscon


Demo Session

The demo session will help the participants to understand the value preposition. During the demo the Senior Consultants will share the industry perspective and the participants can get their doubts clarified.

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