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About The Event

 " What if I threw no reflection
On the plain grass of any mirror
I'd spend a lifetime not knowing me
I'd stop identifying with m y body
It pains me to say I have a reflection
I long to see through it
So that I see me as I am
And not what the light makes me see "
- A Face without Sunlight
By Ajay Seshadri

Come and Join Ajay Seshadri as he talks about classical poetry writing over a 2-hour session at Dialogues Cafe.

Flow of the Event :

1.Introduction to the background behind poetry 

2.How different poetry is from other forms of art 
Verbal Art, Plastic Art and Performing Arts 
Proximity to Music and Mathematics 

3.The Joy of Writing Poetry in Classical Forms 
Ajay will read some of his poems in classical forms and free verse 
from lotus in a fortress to illustrate the following: 
a.)Writing poetry in classical forms gives fulfilment and joy to the 
poet. It is like creating logic puzzles. It’s like creating a 
b.)It has musical structures 
c.)Free verse becomes better and the individual develops clarity in 
thought and precision in diction. 

About Ajay Seshadri 

Ajay Seshadri is a poet and creative writer who has authored 
two books of poetry, ‘In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth 
Within’ and ‘Existential Relief’. He started writing poetry at the 
age of 16 although his first two poems he ever wrote were an 
attempt at writing songs without tunes. The first one was a four 
line random musing and the one that followed was a poem 
called Tunnel and the darkness in them lighted up his spirit of 
self-exploration. It was this paradoxical beginning which made 
him shun a rather straight jacketed way of approaching life prior 
to his discovery of poetry writing. Certainty became muddled 
and he would have to paint his path towards clarity which he 
regards as a reasonable substitute. 

His Books: 
- Lotus in a Fortress 
Lotus in a Fortress features a collection of poems composed in 
classical forms. The poems have musical structures displaying 
the poet’s facility with the sound of poetry. 

- Existential Relief
The philosophy of Existentialism gave the poet 
inspiration to write poetry addressing certain ontological 
conflicts experienced by individual consciousness. 

- In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth Within 
His first ever collection represents budding expressions of a 
poet seeking permanence in Nature, Philosophy, Love and 
Meaning of life. Whether he found it or not he wrote enough 
poems to constitute a book. 

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