Classic Incantations - A.R. Rehman Live

Classic Incantations - A.R. Rehman Live


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'Classic Incantations' brings alive the Year of Germany in India with a five-city concert tour: 'The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg performs A. R. Rahman'.

Exclusively presented by LAPP India.

Momentous collaboration formed under the aegis of the Year of Germany in India.
Concert tour marks the centenary celebration of Indian Cinema and Studio Babelsberg
Performances by a 100 plus member live orchestra mark a new milestone for the five-city
Concert Tour - A unique collaboration - renowned soloists and choir members from KM Music
Conservatory, Chennai to join the German Film Orchestra in performing A. R. Rahman's

The concert tour also marks the centenary year of the 'Babelsberg Studio' and the year that Indian cinema began its journey – back in 1912.

From Roja to Robot, the repertoire will include symphonies from the scores composed by Rahman for Bombay, Swades, The Rising, Elizabeth: The Golden Age among others.

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