Civil Engineering Association Fest

Civil Engineering Association Fest


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Held around the first week of March every year, CEA Fest is the annual technical festival of the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Madras. Stretching over three days, CEA Fest sees students pouring in from all parts of India, thronging to participate in the various events conducted. The events test the skills vital for the civil engineer of today, right from technical aptitude to managerial skills. The years that have passed have seen CEA achieve greater heights of excellence through in-house projects titled the CEA Marvel. Previous Marvels include the highly acclaimed Tensegrity Tower, a seemingly floating tower, the first of its kind in Asia. Other marvels such as the Shell Roof have made their mark owing to unique nature and the engineering behind it.

Civil Engineering Association Fest Technical Events in Chennai :
Offline Events
Concrete Challenge
Master Quiz
Sustainability Design Challenge
Industry Defined Problem
Master Builder
CAD Contest
Potential Professor
Bon Autoroutier

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