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CITY OF M 2013 - Hyderabad s 1st Music Festival Tickets


  • Early Bird VIP Pass (3 Days)

    If you have that extra dough to spend or have myopia, then these are the tickets for you! Valid for ...all three days.

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  • Early Bird Regular Pass (3 Days)

    Valid for all three days of music and bliss

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  • Early Bird Under 21 years Pass(3 Days)

    Who said being young didn’t have its benefits! However please bring along a valid photo-ID with ag...e proof to avoid any hassles. Valid for all three days.

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About The Event

Someone once said "There’s no amount of wealth, nor any movie or painting that could lift your spirit up as high and as fast as the opening lines of your favorite song".


We don’t know who he was, but we believe in every word of what he said! Music isn’t just sound from a speaker, a beat from a drum or a strum from a guitar… It’s an emotion…It’s a feeling! Of love and peace, of rebellion and heartbreak, of reminiscence and bliss and everything in-between, that every individual can relate with, no matter their caste or creed, background and beliefs or where they come from or what they have or haven’t read!


We’ve conceptualized this festival keeping these very points in mind! As we’re just like you. And like you we want to experience something extraordinary!


Instead of searching for just any international artist as a publicity stunt, We’ve instead concentrated on providing great music and promoting the amazing talent that we know exists within the country and have lined up the best bands and EDM artists from across India under one roof! Everything about our festival revolves around the experience we want to offer! An experience so unique and so complete that for the duration of those 4 days, we want you to create your own feeling…


A feeling immortal… and we want to do it through music!


And we know what it’s like waiting around the entire day eagerly awaiting your favorite artist/band to start performing with nothing to do until then; we’ve ensured you don’t experience even an ounce of boredom during the day by all the attractions/activities we have planned out to make this festival a round the clock experience! Hence we’ve fussed over every detail for your convenience from getting you picked up from the airport if you’re flying in to providing shuttle transfers for those of you staying within the city as we strongly believe in our ideology of "Relax …ROCK!..Rejuvenate"


'City of M® 2013' Hyderabad's 1st Music Festival is the first of its kind, three day celebration of music in Andhra Pradesh, aimed at fostering and creating the music-festival culture. It encompasses a line-up of immensely popular bands and artists from across the country, showcasing their eclectic repertoire for enthusiasts in Hyderabad.


The festival hopes to provide a complete experience to the enthusiasts by operating on the ideology of Relax, Rock and Rejuvenate!

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