City Infra Expo 2011 At Pragati Maidan

City Infra Expo 2011 At Pragati Maidan


About The Event

Infrastructure creates and defines cities and cities create and define infrastructure. When talking about sustainable cities, we have to deal with infrastructure simultaneously. These things can not be separated.

The big task for future cities is to create a balance between the environmental, social and economical structure before addressing being sustainable.

A sustainable city can feed itself with minimal reliance on the surrounding countryside, and power itself with renewable sources of energy.

 The crux of this is to create the smallest possible ecological footprint, and to produce the lowest quantity of pollution possible, to efficiently use land; compost used materials, recycle it or convert waste-to-energy, and thus the city's overall contribution to climate change will be minimal, if such practices are adhered to. Further more ,it should be economically sustainable.

All of us living in Indian cities experience the pressures of a massively burgeoning population on an inadequate infrastructure. Our metro cities were built at a time when their phenomenal growth could not have been foreseen so the gap between demand and supply for civic services and utilities continues. While there are ways to improve the condition in established cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi (which continue to grow at a significant pace), newer cities are surely better placed in terms of building a futuristic, highly scalable infrastructure that can cope with rapid urban proliferation. The right combination of technology and urban policy can lead to far more streamlined urban systems that make a difference to quality of life in our cities of tomorrow.

Hence CITY INFRA 2011 will provide a platform to all stake holders in understanding and planning future cities with sustainability and sustainable growth.

CITY INFRA is the large international exhibition & conference for all concerned with city infrastructure.

It is is dedicated to improve city infrastructure, with a view to building future cities.    
CITY INFRA 2011 will focus on all necessities a city needs viz. Power & Energy, water, Waste Management, Sewerage, Roads & Bridges, Building and Construction , Parks, Horticulture, Green Technologies, Fire, Safety, Security Systems, Communication, Multimodal Transport and Government Organizations etc.      
Exhibitor Profile:

1. Land Surveyors

2. Power and Energy

    * Electricity & power plant systems
    * Bio Gas plant
    * Solar Energy systems &equipments
    * Industrial & Commercial Generators
    * Invertors

3. Roads & Bridges

    * Infrastructure Co.s
    * Road Construction Equipments
    * Road Construction Material Suppliers
    * Road Laying & maintaining Machineries

4. Water

    * Water Treatment Systems & plants
    * Water Purifying & Softening Equipments
    * Waste Water Treatment Plants & Equipments
    * Industrial Water Treatment Plants & Equipments

Visitor Profile:            

    * City Developers
    * City Mayors
    * Government - National Officials like-  
    * Ministry of Water Resources
    * Ministry of Environment & Forests
    * Ministry of Urban development
    * Ministry of Rural Development and Drinking Water Mission
    * Irrigation Authorities
    * Ground Water Authorities
    * Municipal officers
    * Public heath & works departments
    * Pollution control boards
    * Government agencies & building authority

Public work departments officers A – Class Construction Industry Professionals

    * Distributors & dealers of Building & roads equipment, material and components
    * Architects
    * Builders & contractors
    * Civil engineers
    * Civil construction agencies
    * Construction equipment supplier
    * Project manager & consultant
    * Engineering organization
    * Railway, aviation airport sector
    * Manufacturer of road construction & building material equipments
    * Other


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