CISO Platform Decision Summit@ Bangalore, 2015

CISO Platform Decision Summit@ Bangalore, 2015


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About The Event

CISO Platform Decision Summit@ Bangalore (20 August):

The information security world needs to transition from the verbose and opinions based approaches to precise, measurable, metrics oriented approach. Decision Summit is aimed at practical discussions, specific implementations, checklists and metrics used to help a CISO take better decisions.The areas of focus shall be:


CISO Platform Vendor & Technology Taxonomy

          • Learn about the vendor landscape for more than 10 domains like DLP, GRC, Content Security, Cloud Security,                      UTM,           Application Security and lot more


CISO Platform Index & Product Evaluation Checklists

           • Our research team has created 12 specific frameworks ( Application Security testing, DLP, GRC…etc) for evaluation various technologies. Learn about them during the event.

  • Report of the top products that have been rated rated highly by customers in the CISO Platform Index Report.


DDOS Security wrkshop

  • Complete Vendor Taxonomy
  • Customer Satisfaction based Rating of vendors along with Analysts opinion
  • Checklist to evaluate a DDOS Vendor


Threat Intelligence Workshop

  • Key components (People, Process and Technology)
  • Threat Intelligence Maturity model
  • Threat Collection & Analysis eg. OSINT
  • Integrating Actionable Intelligence
  • Technology and Vendor Landscape


IT GRC Workshop Session

  • Key Components and Architecture for GRC
  • How to Jumpstart your GRC program with freely available tools and content
  • Overview of Free Tools that you can use today
  • Complete Vendor and Technology Taxonomy
  • Customer Satisfaction based Rating of vendors along with Analysts opinion
  • Checklist to evaluate a GRC Vendor
  • CISOs who implemented GRC to share their real life experiences


Cloud Security & Cloud Access Security Brokers Workshop

  • Technology Taxonomy for Cloud Security
  • Key components of cloud security architecture
  • Blue print to build your cloud security program
  • Basics of Cloud Security Access Brokers


Incidence Response and Forensics Workshop

  • Stages of Incident Response
  • Team Structure & Skills (Technical & Personal)
  • Techniques and Tools
  • Policies & procedures
  • Legal Requirements & Considerations

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • When registering, you explicitly agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  • All passes are non-refundable & 100% paid in advance for registration.
  • Conference Pass is applicable only for security practitioners who do not have any sales or marketing role. In case you work for a Vendor organization even for technical delivery, then Vendor Pass shall be applicable.
  • Vendor Pass is applicable for those who have sales or marketing role (direct or indirect). In case a person works for a security vendor company then Vendor Pass shall be applicable.
  • Important Note: In case one buys the Conference Pass but should have bought the Vendor Pass then CISO Platform shall contact the individual to make the additional payment required to up grade the pass. Otherwise the pass shall be cancelled and the money shall be returned (transaction charges would not be refunded).
  • Discount codes applicable only for end user organizations(CISO,CIO,IT manager...etc) and not any IT security product/service providers or any person with business/sales responsibility.
  • Substitution of registrations may be made at anytime until the start of event (prior information needs to be sent to Sharing of conference passes is not allowed.
  • CISO Platform reserves the right to cancel the training (1 particular training or more) in case of less no. of registrations. CISO Platform will inform the attendees at least one week before the actual training in that case.
  • Attendees who have registered have to bring along and produce a valid and original Company ID card at the registration desk along with the conference pass. 
  • Registration fees does not include the cost of travel and lodging. All delegates are requested to make their own arrangements and any associated fees for any other availability of services.
  • CISO Platform prohibits the use of mobile recording devices at all conference sessions, training sessions and speaker presentations.
  • The event is organized by CISO Platform and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual. If access is denied by CISO Platform for any reason, payments collected will be refunded promptly (transaction charges would not be refunded).

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