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About The Event

Choreography showcases emotions and sensitizes the audience. It brings magic to the stage and creates a mesmerizing aura. A story is spun into the fabric of dance and presented to the audience. So, IIT Delhi invites you to shock the viewers to the core with your moves and express yourself.




  • Register online
  • Teams are required to send a short 3-4 min video (a YouTube link) of their dance for initial short listing.
  • Reporting on site: In order to participate in choreography, teams must report for the preliminary round at least 2 hours before the event starts. No direct entry to the final event will be allowed.
  • Prelims: Will be held in Seminar Hall. Teams will have to present a short sequence for a maximum duration of (5 + 1) minutes including setup time. The presented sequence MUST form a part of the main performance. Performance can be done without costumes and make-up in the prelims.
  • Finals: Selected teams will perform in the finals to be held in the Open Air Theater . Time slot of (10+2) minutes will be provided to each team. This includes setup time of maximum 2 minutes.



  • Team size: 20+5 people including 1-5 directors and contingent leaders. There must be at least 6 members on stage at any point during the performance
  • The teams must have a theme and accompanying costumes for the event.
  • Teams must report at the venue at least 2 hours before the event starts.
  • Penalty will be imposed for exceeding the time limit.
  • Maximum of 1 and a half minute can be used by a team to provide brief introduction to the theme being presented.
  • Only one team from each college is allowed.
  • Teams must get their own music. Please carry it on 2 CDs.
  • The music score should not contain any lyrics. Only aalap and tabla bol is allowed. The music should be submitted 2 days before the prelims so that any discrepancies can be checked for.
  • Stage settings of any kind are not allowed. Usage of props is not allowed. Clothes used in innovative manner are excluded from props restriction.
  • Any specific requirements regarding lights and smoke must be discussed with organizers well in advance.

Contact Details


Anirudh Dubey
Dance Secretary, BRCA,IIT DELHI

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