Chikitsya Biz Pitch Challenge 2015

Chikitsya Biz Pitch Challenge 2015


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About The Event


Bill Gates pitched at the Age of 15 with his friend Paul Allen and at 17 was the CEO and Chairman of Microsoft Corporation..



What is your age Today ?


When are you going to give it a Shot...


It's time now to Pitch a Biz

... The Place : Right HERE.


Being Business School of reputation or a Business School aspiring to be amongst to the top requires to display the calibre in actually making students prepared for real world business challenges not just jobs placements/challenges.


Unfortunately most Business Schools are churning out employees to business rather than Entrepreneurs who owns and run business.


Observing this serious decline in the Business Education, inspired us to contribute to the Nation building the very core of any prosperous economy. i.e Entrepreneurship.


Dr. Lall is connected with Corporate World and in his successful Clinical Entrepreneurship designed an event based Competition & Festival which challenges the Entrepreneurship Spirit in today's Youth and business students.



The whole format is named as Chikitsya Biz Pitch Challenge 2015.


The Program is proposed the kick start with the registration of the Candidates as individuals or teams on the given websites.


No theory, No talk, No games, a reality Competition between participants of various colleges and background to achieve an Entrepreneurship Challenge.


All Individuals or the Teams who successfully attain the goals are Rewarded with the Real World Business Operation Setup of operating revenue worth Rs.50 Lakhs approximately.


The competition would be of 3 Months duration for any Individual or Any team.


The competition would conclude with a one day cultural festival wherein the real world experience & achievement of the team in the Entrepreneurship competition would be shared.


This format would be a Morning Sun for everyone involved in business education and Entrepreneurship.


This would encourage present and future youngsters and business students to evolve from seeking jobs to owning operating business and creating job for others as well.


Remember again Bill Gates pitched at the Age of 15 with his friend Paul Allen and at 17 was the CEO and Chairman of Microsoft Corporation..... What is your age and when are you going to give it a Shot... Its time now... The Place HERE.


Register Today and Test if you have it in you to Become a Millionaire.


The Format of the Competition is given Below : -


The Registered Competition intern(s) will work on following during the Competition internship: -

1.  Pitch Chikitsya Franchise Biz to any Investor so to make them buy "Chikitsya Franchise Biz".

2.  Close the Sale & Transact the INR 25 Lakhs Funds Transfer against the Franchise Sold.

3.  You get your Internship FEEs of Rs. 1 Lakh / Sale

4.  If You do 5 Sales within a period of 3 months :- You are hired full time at a Salary of 20 Lakhs /              Annum as National Franchise Manager.

5. Maximum Sales within the period of 3 Months wins the Challenge and an opportunity to runs his         own Franchise Business totally sponsored.

6.  Details are provided at

7.  To join you need to register at



Benefits and Returns of Chikitsya Franchise Biz is provided at



Who Can Apply/Participate : -

Anyone with a :-
Minimum Age 18 yrs.
Citizen of India.


The Competition Internship will be open throughout the 3 months period.

Candidates can join anytime by registering themselves online at



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