Hercules Roadeo Chennai Cycling 2013

Hercules Roadeo Chennai Cycling 2013


  • Kids Ride - Own Bike
    (Time 7:15 am to 8 am, Distance: 4 kms)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 250
    Sold Out
  • Akshaya Green Ride - Own Bike
    (Time: 8 am to 9 am, Distance: 8 kms)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 300
    Sold Out
  • Akshaya Green Ride - Rented Bike
    (Time: 8 am to 9 am, Distance: 8 kms)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out
  • Chola Amateur Ride - Own Bike
    (Time: 9:15 am to 11 am, Distance: 24 kms)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 300
    Sold Out
  • Chola Amateur Ride - Rented Bike
    (Time: 9:15 am to 11 am, Distance: 24 kms)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out
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About The Event

Hercules Roadeo Chennai Cycling 2013 is South India's largest cycling event that takes place in the heart of the  city along marina beach with an aim to promote a lifestyle of healthy living. Experience the freedom of riding with absolutely no traffic! You could ride for fun or ride for a cause.


Register Online:

Ride Type    Distance       Start Time       End Time   
Kids Ride  4 Kms 07:15 am  08:00 am
   Akshaya Green Ride    8 kms 08:00 am 09:00 am
Chola Amateur Ride 24 kms 09:15 am 11:00 am

Event Highlights:

Come ride along the Marina Beach with absolutely no traffic! The school and corporate with the highest number of registrations will get the Pedal Power Award at the event.


Ride for a Cause :


For details please contact corp@chennaicycling.com or call 917708064030


Offline Registrations :

Selected BSA Stores and all Cafe Coffee Day outlets across Chennai (Last date: 28th February, 2013 at 2:00 pm)


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Terms & Conditions


  • To compete in 'Chennai Cycling 2013', riders must on the day of the event be atleast 8 (eight) years old.
  • All participants must provide valid names and contact details during the registration process in order for the organizers to communicate with them.
  • The entry fee is non-refundable under any circumstance.
  • 'Chennai Cycling 2013' will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety or by an order from Government officials. In case of postponement of the event due to such reasons, the organizers will inform the riders by email and on the official website.
  • Communication on matters related to 'Chennai Cycling 2013' will be done by e-mail or SMS. It is each entrant's responsibility to keep their contact details up to date by contacting the organizers on support@chennaicycling.com.
  • By participating, all riders/participants agree that CRX Sports reserves ownership of all photographic or video material pertaining to their participation in 'Chennai Cycling 2013' made by the organizers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of 'Chennai Cycling 2013'.
  • The organiser reserves the right to refuse any person entry or cancel any person's ticket up to the day before 'Chennai Cycling 2013'. In that event, the person's ticket fee will be refunded.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any person's belongings.
  • All bibs/chest numbers are non transferrable.
  • No participant will be allowed to ride without a bib/chest number and a helmet.
  • All participants take part at their own risk and a disclaimer waiving all claims against CRX Sports and any party acting on its behalf, must be completed by all entrants.
  • All participants must provide their full name and details of any health problems or medication upon registration.
  • Participants must ensure that they are medically and physically fit to participate in the ride. Any person who is pregnant or suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the event. The Organizer reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.
  • Instructions by the Organizer and race officials must be followed with respect to all matters not provided herein. The Organizer reserves the right to reject applications of participants who refuse to follow the instructions of the ride/event officials.
  • MeraEvents sells tickets on behalf of the Event Promoters/Event Organizers and Event Producers. The ticket that you purchase remains the property of the Event Promoter/Producer.
  • Your ticket is issued subject to terms and conditions of the Event Promoter/Organizer/Producer. Tickets once sold will not be cancelled, refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  • Full details of the events are available on the event website and MeraEvents takes no responsibility for any changes to the event.
  • The ticket holder shall present the ticket alongwith valid ID proof to gain entry into the venue. Entry shall be denied without a valid ID Proof.
  • Inappropriate behaviour will lead to being evicted without any refund at the discretion of the management.
  • The consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited and the Organizer shall ask you to leave if deemed inappropriate.
  • Occasionally, events are cancelled or postponed by the team, performer or Event Partner for a variety of reasons. Refunds for tickets purchased prior to the date of the original event will be given up to their face value plus the relevant per ticket booking fee.
  • Tampering with the tickets will not be tolerated and will be denied entry in to the venue.

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