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This level though called the Basic Practitioner Course, is anything but basic. You will not only learn to induce people into deep hypnotic trance, you will also learn to use the trance state to create a positive change. It is a power packe

Basic Practitioner Course (Level 1) on Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy


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About The Event

This level though called the Basic Practitioner Course, is anything but basic. You will not only learn to induce people into deep hypnotic trance, you will also learn to use the trance state to create a positive change. It is a power packed level which will transform the way you look at problems and the ways to resolve them.



After this level you will be able to induce any willing person in a deep hypnotic trance and use the techniques demonstrated and practiced in this course to help yourself and others in many ways including:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Stress Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Developing Self esteem
  • Goal setting & accomplishment
  • Developing Focus / Concentration
  • Sustainable Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence



Basic Practitioner Cognitive Hypnotic Coach



  • Understanding
    • Working of mind & behaviours
    • Reasons behind problems
    • Basic emotions and their purpose
    • What is Hypnosis-therapy
    • What is Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • What is Coaching & how it is different from therapy
    • The benefits of integrating cognitive approaches like CBT, REBT with Hypnosis
    • Meditation, when to use it & when not to use it.
    • Suggestibility as the link to effective communication
    • New age philosophies & why they don’t work most time.
  • Learning
    • Basic Coaching Models (GROW, RE-GROW, TGROW, OSCAR)
    • ICHARS designed Solution focused Coaching process “SOFT SEA” to be used with hypnotic suggestions
    • To create non-invasive Suggestions & Imagery for achieving therapeutic objectives and sustainable change
    • If / then statements to create change
    • Techniques to induce deep hypnotic trances
    • Self-Hypnosis

LIMITED SEATS (Max 12 participants). REGISTER NOW



For details about the complete curriculum and certifications visit:

A brief intro is provided below.

Brief introduction

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching and Psychotherapy is a 5 level program which provides you extensive training in a Person-centric solution focused approach that systematically works with the conscious and unconscious processes affecting a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. 

Each level is a combination of Online Modules and Classroom Trainings. The online modules provide thorough understanding of concepts which provides you the opportunity to focus on demonstrations and practice extensive during the classroom modules



The course trains people in modalities from different behavioral approaches in an integrated manner. These approaches include: 

  • Positive Psychology
  • Solution focused brief therapy
  • Concepts from other Cognitive psycho-therapeutic modalities like CBT & REBT
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, including guided imagery, Free association
  • Metaphors


Approved by & affiliated to: 

  • Indian Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, UK (New)
  • Australia Hypnotherapy Association
  • Hypnotherapists Registers, UK


Eligibility Criteria: 

The training program is open to persons who are interested in establishing themselves as an effective practitioner in the area of life coaching or therapy. Though the course will help participants immensely in their personal growth and self-development, it is not meant for those only interested in self-help. Please enroll for the course only if you would like to develop skills as practitioner.

Level 1 to 3 (the coaching program) are open for participants from all walks of life but level 4 & 5 are only open for participants who are students or practitioners of psychology, medicines or recognized alternative medicines.  

As a part of this workshop you'll not only understand the concepts and see demonstration on how hypnosis happens but will also practice techniques to induce hypnotic states in others with your co-participants. Sound Practical training is a very important element of this workshop.



  Online Classroom Home Study Normal Price Early Price  
Level 1 4 hrs 27 hrs 10 hrs Rs. 15000 Rs. 12000* Basic Practitioner Course
Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching
Level 2 4 hrs 27 hrs 10 hrs Rs. 15000 Rs. 12000** Practitioner Course
Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching
Level 3 12 hrs 45 hrs 60 hrs Rs. 24000 Rs. 20000** Advanced Practitioner Course
Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching
Level 4 12 hrs 45 hrs 45 hrs Rs. 24000 Rs. 20000** 1. Practitioner – NLP
2. Practitioner – CHP
Level 5 8 hrs 54 hrs 100 hrs Rs. 27500 Rs. 24000** 1. Master Practitioner – NLP
2. Master Practitioner – CHP



Features & CertificationsCHCP


Hypnotherapy – Certification Yes Yes No
NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner – Certification Yes No Yes
Life Coaching – Certification Yes No Some
Integration with Cognitive therapies – How to? Yes No No
Complementary Online Modules Yes No No
Classroom training Yes Yes Yes
Approx Cost in Rs.* 75,250 95,000 70,000
*Comparison is based on following criteria:
  1. Hypnotherapy institutes – minimum course duration 170 hrs (all levels)
  2. NLP Institutes – minimum course duration 100 hrs (Practitioner + Master Practitioner)



  • Participants will get lifelong access to online modules that are provided as a part of the course material at no extra cost.
  • The pre class modules must be finished before you meet us for the classroom training. 
  • As soon as you register for the course, we will guide you through the online module sign up within 48 working hours.


Contact Details: 

Call: 8080208473





Nitin Shah

CEO, Trainer, ICHARS

Cognitive Hypnotic Coach & Psychotherapist | NLP Master Practitioner | Life Coach

A trainer, Educator, therapist and life coach, who blends in with any age group and instigates positive transformation in them. He predominantly trains therapists in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching enabling them to integrate these modalities in their practise. Being a motivational and inspirational speaker with tons of experience and knowledge in the field; he not only helps people become aware of how life is simple but also walks his talk.



Paulomi Pandit Upadhyay

Trainer, ICHARS

Counselling Psychologist | Cognitive Hypnotic Coach & Psychotherapist | Child Birth Educator.

She has been training people in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching for personal and professional growth & development since a long time. Her passion is inclined towards training mental health students and professionals in using eclectic approach with clients effectively. She deals with diverse population and takes interest in maternal health and wellness. All of this makes her a cheerful, passionate and versatile trainer.

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