Charity for Deaf

Charity for Deaf


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About The Event

Hello Friends,

                   I am here to ask your help for a good cause. For a charity cause. 

Life is not fair, and that's what everyone agrees with, but we all have different problems with which we are suffering. We all think that the problems that "I" have are the most severe ones, the most painful ones......

But there is much more to it.... Many people are denied of even a fully functional physical body with all senses working properly.

But today,

Technology is helping us to create a world where these helpless people who are blind, deaf, dumb, mentally retarded or with some other disabilities; are also able to live a better life.

Technological advances are trying to find them what they are denied of....

So here i am to discuss on such idea.

Today, their are devices called "hearing aids" with which people who either can not listen properly or partially/totally deaf can also hear.

These devices are literally giving them a Sense organ of Hearing, of Sound perception.

So with this idea of "giving a sense of sound to the Deaf" is with what i am here.

This devices are a bit costly, so not everyone is able to afford them.

But as a social responsibility, being a part of society i am doing my bit to help them gain a Sense of Happiness, A sense to hear the world. If your heart is able to hear what i am trying to say, please help on this cause.

I am trying to collect a Sum of 30,000 INR (indian Rupees), (as that is the price of the device) for these people denied of "Sense of Hearing".


We would be keeping you updated about how your money is used for the purpose defined.

Please Donate whatever you can, your bit can help someone.

For any further clarifications you can contact me at