channarayana durga (near tumkur)

channarayana durga (near tumkur)


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 Channarayana Durga ('durga' means a 'fort') is a fort near Madhugiri in Tumkur District in Karnataka and is around 100 kms from Bangalore (Bengaluru).

Channarayana Durga Fort is a beautiful historical place in madhugiri district . I visited ... Write a Review on Channarayana Durga 

Channarayana Durga is a fort on a hill near Madhugiri around 100km from Bengaluru. ... We wanted to reach Channrayana Durga village early in the morning but could only .... Great! i was searching about places in Tumkur.

Distance between Channarayana Durga and Tumkur. ... Distance Summary. Distance ... It takes 54 minutes to travel from Channarayana Durga to Tumkur.

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