Book Online Tickets for Changemakers Confluence 2K14, Noida. Have a problem with the current state of affairs? Instead of just talk, WALK THAT TALK. The Youth posses the power to change the nation. So, make sure you Vote, debate, organize, and contribute in the making of a ‘NEW INDIA.’

Changemakers Confluence 2K14


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About The Event

Have a problem with the current state of affairs? Instead of just talk, WALK THAT TALK. The Youth posses the power to change the nation. So, make sure you Vote, debate, organize, and contribute in the making of a ‘NEW INDIA.’


If an inspiration to do the above is what you lack, then come to us as we would at the end of the four day “Changemaker's Confluence 2K14” would inspire the attendees with the a series of four day sessions by fellow changemakers. So, gear up to discuss and deliberate on the country’s policy making and politics, role of social entrepreneurship and civic society, and walk the talk with INDIAN YOUTH PARLIAMENT FORUM.


Changemaker's Confluence 2K14 is a 4 day residential youth conference,that would be held at the IIMT Greater Noida. The conference aims at providing the youth of the country with a platform to exchange ideas and opinions on political issues that are integral to the development of the nation as a whole at the moment.


The confluence intends to bring together over 450 corporate and students of diverse educational backgrounds from all over the country to put forward their views to bring about a change in the current scenario of chaos and pandemonium in the political image of India. The confluence thus means to create leaders in divergent fields of CHANGE.


The three day Confluence would be divided into two sections.


1)   Two day extensive dialogue on varied political affairs: The idea behind this two day session is to enable the participants to shed all inhibitions and present their perceptions and convictions, deliberate, discuss and debate on issues that concern them as the future of a country that is in dire need of selfless and diligent leaders.


2)   The final day: The final day of the confluence is going to consist of a concluding session where the matters discussed in the first two days are going to be concluded with possible solutions. Many a times our approach to the problems of our country remains confined to drawing room discussions and debate competitions in schools and colleges.


The concluding day of the confluence accords an opportunity to the participants as well as the speakers to deliberate on the possible solutions of these political conflicts


The Changemaker's Confluence also aims at producing leaders in all fields of politics that need CHANGE. Therefore, these solutions are going to be materialised by the participating leaders in their part of the country thereby spreading the message of change throughout the country.


The event aims at two major developments:-


1. Debates: A debate is possible only when two groups or two individuals differ in their outlook, differ in their ideologies. Our aim through the confluence is to bring together all the stakeholders including NGOs Youth Groups, Student Leaders and Young Minds to ponder upon the methodology of bridging the gap between these extreme ideologies.


2. Discussions: We intend to bring all the stakeholders to discuss the role of the youth in changing the dynamics of the nation, politics and policies and the role of the youth in the complex issues of the nation. We also aim at devising methods to be able to use the young blood of the country that makes more than half the population and will become the largest in the world by 2020, efficiently.


As Barack Obama rightly said, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."


So, what is the essential crux of the CC2K14? Why take the trouble and conduct a conference when one can easily sit back at home and deliberate about possible solutions via social media?


The confluence-synthesis of young minds ...a platform for interaction, for confrontation and most importantly for voicing the ways we can bring about change in India. CC2K14 will bring together delegates from across the country to discuss, debate and most importantly design solutions that will help bring about a positive change in the society! For a country like ours faced with challenges like never before, do we as the youth have the audacity to start the pursuit of a better tomorrow?


So that these young change makers bring about change locally, nationally and internationally


The centralised theme for the 3 days is:


Day 1 – Role of Youth in Policy Making & politics


Day 2 – Role of social-entrepreneurs and civil society in the changing dynamics of Nation-building


Day 3 – Let’s walk the talk: we are ready for Change & a better tomorrow



The event schedule is as follows:

June 26th:

The delegates would be welcomed with a formal dinner that encourages them to interact with one another as the dinner would be followed by the segregation of the 350 delegates(other than the 100 involved in the Indian Youth Parliament)  into five different committees. *


Each committee would be provided with a certain agenda, which would be discussed in the consequent three days on the lines of its economic, political, developmental and social aspects.

A ‘Voice Your Change’ contest would be held wherein the interested delegates would be given two minutes to present an innovative plan or policy they came up with, making sure to enlighten the audience of its economic and social benefits.


Also, the students are welcome to submit their innovative policies/ programmes based on any topic of their choice in the form of a presentation. **

(*Interaction is of key importance here as the members would be electing a leader and a deputy leader on June 27th by way of elections.

** The criteria for marking the presentation would be laid down well in advance of the conference by an Expert Committee)


June 27th:

The day would begin with an inaugural seminar hosted by the chief guest of the conference and the other eminent speakers. An hour long panel discussion between all the delegates and the speakers would be conducted, with a special emphasis on active participation of youth, social entrepreneurs and civil society in policy-making.


This would be followed by the selected delegates showcasing the presentations of their innovative policies or programmes that were reviewed and chosen by the Expert Committee.

After lunch, the committees and  the Indian Youth Parliament would be simulated , the agendas for which would be notified on the Changemaker’s website (


At night, a Global Village programme would be organized wherein delegates from different parts of the country would come up and share how they feel about  governance in their respective regions and deliberate about the policies that their respective governments have come up with.


June 28th:

The five committees and the IYP would be simulated according to schedule, followed by a cultural night where under privileged children attached with Esteem Youth Foundation’s Project Yushaktikaran would deliver a street play. It is important to keep in mind that these students not only face economic hurdles but also deal with society issues like straight fright, problems with the language, etc.


June 29th:

By lunch, all the committees would be expected to come up with their respective policies/resolutions, after which the speakers would address all the delegates.


After the closing ceremony, a musical night would be held to mark the end of a four day long confluence that not only involved active debate and deliberation, but also brought about a change in the society.


Formal Events:

  • Social -innovation contest.

  • Seminars

  • Panel Discussions

  • Business Stimulation(Certification By IIT-Kanpur)

  • Mini Round table conferences

  • Delegate Presentations

  • Voice-your-change

  • Walk The Talk Session(WT2)


Informal events:

  • Gala Dinner

  • Global Village

  • Cultural Night

  • Musical Performances

  • Plays/Skits/street plays

  • And few exciting surprises


FEES::  Students:  Rs.2800/-

        Corporates:  Rs.5000/-


The Delegate Fees for the Confluence includes Registration, Fooding,Accomodation,Certification, Local travel and other miscellaneous expenses.

When: 26th – 30th June,2014

Where: Ishan Institute of Management and Technology, Greater Noida

Organiser:  Esteem Youth Foundation  ( )

For further event information visit:

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