Change Your Stories, Change Your Lives by Raju Mandyan

Change Your Stories, Change Your Lives by Raju Mandyan


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About The Event

Event details: Venus Academy , organizers of India’s largest educational seminars and an end to end corporate training house brings to you a one daycertification program where in the participants would get an opportunity to know How we move about, strategize and execute our plans based on our stories . These stories create and recreate our future, our lives. Thus, if we want to create a bright, shining and successful future that uplifts and fulfills us then we need to change the stories we tell ourselves and the stories that we tell the world about our experiences and our dreams.


Five things you will learn in this Interaction…


1. The neuroscience behind stories and storytelling

2. How stories and storytelling shape your values and your systems

3. How to put together life-shaping and transformations stories

4. How to continuously innovate, excel and live up to your fullest potential by changing the DNA of your stories.

5. How to lead, inspire and change your communities with stories.

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