This is mind power workshop in pune as change your life. Indias best motivational training workshop.

Change Your Life Workshop


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About The Event

Change Your Life Workshop by Dr.Sneh Desai

Dr.Sneh Desai is India’s Youngest Life Coach & Motivational Speaker. He is an Inspirational Coach & Leader for every age group, Businessmen, Corporate executives, Employees, Students, Housewives, Networkers and Sportsmen & for all who wish everlasting Success, Happiness, Peace and Personal Growth. People call him Magician because he makes Many Things Disappear like Stress, Depression, Ego, Negative Thinking, Fears, Addictions, Hatred, Failures, Ignorance...So whatever you Choose from above, Mind Power Workshop is waiting for you…!

Mind Power Workshop is a signature event of Dr.Sneh Desai. It’s a scientific training program in which you’ll come to know the hidden potential of yours and it’s a proven result oriented event of Dr.Sneh Desai. Through his workshop you’ll come to know about the types of mind we have and their powers. In his two day’s workshop you’ll learn:

Change Your Life Workshop COURSE CONTENT: 

Day1: Power of Mind-Theory, Relaxation, Confidence & Power Builder, Fire Eating, Change Thoughts & Beliefs, Law of Attraction, Power of Physiology, Focus & Language, What is Energy?, Power of Meditation, Pranadharna, Dynamic Meditation, Pyramid of Life Mastery, Health & Fitness Secrets, Laws of Life-Time Growth

Day2: Goal Setting & Achieving, Divine Planning, Sleep Management, Mental Clock, Yog Mudra Technique, Pain Control, Mini Nap, Metaphysics, 6 Pre-Installed Programs (6PIP), Enhancing Relationship, Mental House Cleaning, Mann-Mandir, Dance Meditation

You’ll Get Following Benefits from Change Your Life Workshop:

  • Generate Self-Confidence & Power to take required Actions by breaking mental limitations
  • Get out of Depression & Emotional set-backs. Get everlasting Happy Relationships, release any hatred & guilt or angel
  • Come in Peak-Performance State by generating physical & mental strength. Get back your real energy
  • Get Positive Mental Attitude & Get rid from negative thoughts & emotions
  • Learn Goal setting & achieving, along with lifelong progress secrets
  • Learn to receive Cosmic Energy & Meditate. Get Total Life-Balance in Every field of life
  • Learn how to get perfect Fitness & Body Shape & relief from health diseases
  • Get rid of fears & phobias
  • Attract money by learning financial principles & increase your income
  • Remove insomnia & get sound sleep. Also Learn to wake-up without alarm in morning
  • Increase memory, concentration & grasping
  • Increase Convincing & Influencing Power
  • Learn to control pain
  • Understand Human Psychology & get Self-Control to get Everlasting self-motivation & drive for progress
  • Change in Habits & Behavior Patterns and learn Addiction Removal Technique

Click Here to Watch Change Your Life Workshop at a Glance:  

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