Book Online Tickets for ChaloHoppo to Ziro Festival of Music 201, Ziro. ChaloHoppo invites you to a valley that turns Golden in September!

A valley that remains quiet throughout the year and lights up in September to host what simply is a unique outdoor music festival.
There are no superlatives that mark this fes

ChaloHoppo to Ziro Festival of Music 2016


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About The Event

ChaloHoppo invites you to a valley that turns Golden in September!


A valley that remains quiet throughout the year and lights up in September to host what simply is a unique outdoor music festival.

There are no superlatives that mark this festival. Not the biggest, sexiest, craziest or hippiest event of all time. No. It is a Blissful music festival. An event worth visiting for the beautiful location it is hosted in as much as it for the variety of music on offer.  Though the festival organisers do their best to make the setting look pretty, nature has done 90% of the job and one needs to witness it to understand it.


Dates – 21st to 27th September, 2016

Phase 1 – Arriving at Ziro ( your location – Guwahati – Naharlagun – Ziro)

Good things such as the Ziro festival don’t come easy and the journey many would tell you is the toughest part of the venture. But with proper planning and guidance from locals this trip becomes easy.

Take your flights from different parts of the country and land in Guwahati by afternoon on 21st September.  The only train from Guwahati which takes you to *Naharlagun, the nearest railhead to Ziro leaves at 9 30 pm. Grab a bite at the airport or a nearby restaurant before our transport facility commutes you to the railway station for your overnight journey to Naharlagun. Your *sleeper class train tickets along with many other festival goers will be booked in advance and this 9 hour journey  in the cool climate should be used for a sound sleep. After we reach Naharlagun early morning on 22nd  September prepare yourself for a tough 4-5 hour ride to reach paradise aka Ziro.  Trust us when we say this, the moment you enter Ziro and set eyes on the venue all your tiredness will vanish as the golden hues of the paddy fields will hypnotise you.


Phase 2 – Ziro Festival of Music


(The camp site)
Ziro is an outdoor music festival and the essence of an outdoor festival lies in camping and bonding over the bonfire. So though there are different accommodation options such as homestays and a few hotels, we recommend you camp and feel the nippy air at night and revel with like-minded visitors.

Run towards your tent at the *Hoppo Village for dramatic effect; freshen up,  then guzzle a bamboo mug full or two of the local rice beer?  In fact we recommend you try out the different brews ranging from a variety of millet wine/rice wine/rice beer (apong)/plum wine/kiwi wine and pick your poison for the next 4 days.

You must be feeling hungry, so before you get drunk, have your *breakfast. The campsite will have different varieties of meat and *vegetarian starters to choose from including some delicious smoked pork and other local delicacies.
If you feel like exploring the village, which you must, you can take one of the many cycles and ride around nearby places or even walk off into the famous paddy fields of Ziro. Don’t worry about getting lost, in fact get lost and the helpful locals in the villages nearby will guide you back.

While you are at the Hoppo village, time will seem to fly away as you interact with your neighbours housed in a tent next to yours .There’s never going to be a dull moment as you mingle with others verbally or jam with a few guitars and percussions available at the Hoppo Village. Gumboots and other festival must haves are also going to be on sale at the campsite.

You can also be assured of extremely clean and well maintained bathrooms on all the days.


(The venue)
Make your way to the Ziro stage(around 1km away) as and when you like and meet up with hundreds of other like minded travellers and music lovers.

These 4 days are your perfect getaway. Relax, enjoy, listen to some beautiful music and do whatever you’ve wanted to. Sleep under the starlit sky, balter around a bonfire or snuggle up in your tent. Drink till you sing along or drink till you sleep. Tread along the picturesque trails in and around the Ziro valley, go for short strolls or just park your bum in the fresh grass of the hills. The valley is well and truly yours!


(The treks and other activities)
We repeat again, this is not just a music festival and you must go


Bird Watching
Nature treks
River Rafting in the Kamle River
Biking and Cycling Expeditions
Visit to the paddy rice fields and observe fish farming


Participating in these activities will complete your Ziro experience and leave you with a dopy grin on your face.

Phase 3 – Leaving  Ziro


Unfortunately all good things need to come to an end and so does ZFM, but only for 361 days, till we meet again. Freshen up in the morning, collect the phone numbers of all the awesome people you’ve met and bid your new friends goodbye. Drive down to the station after breakfast and board your overnight train for Guwahati.

Total Cost - Rs. 12,999

Inclusions - Transport to and from Guwahati – Sleeper class train tickets


*If you want AC 3 tier you have pay the difference in fare of Rs 800( for two way journey) not included in the package


Breakfast on all days
Stay at the campsite for all nights of the festival – including sleeping bags, mattresses and blankets.
Tickets to ZFM.
Inner line permits - Domestic travellers require an ILP in order to enter Arunachal Pradesh. We will be providing you the ILPs at the Guwahati airport.
Documents required-  send us a copy of your ID card with address proof( voter id or passport) along with two passport size photographs.

Exclusions - Shopping, Alcohol, Personal purchases, Excess stay & meals due to bad weather conditions/strikes, anything not mentioned in the inclusions













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