Chakra Uttejan - Activating Our Energy Vortex

Chakra Uttejan - Activating Our Energy Vortex


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About The Event

Chakra Uttejan is a 3 Hrs 100% practical workshop in Hindi. During this workshop the participants are made aware of the existence of the energy vortex in the human body known as Chakras. The workshop gives the participant an insight of how thoughts and some of our habits create turmoil in our energy system and distort our Chakras which later results in Physical & Mental discomfort and un-healthiness.

During the workshop Master TD, reviles the knowledge of the Chakras and makes the participant go through certain process and some physical exercise helping the participants achieve clarity in thoughts through the activation, alignment and balancing of the energy centres. He even uses Energy Channeling or what is called in hindi as Shaktipath to activate the Chakras.

Chakra Uttejan is a method of achieving clarity through the activation, alignment and balancing of our energy centers. This is a must to learn TODAY, knowledge for the COMMON MAN !!!

This process will set you on a path to spiritual health and well-being. After doing chakra work people have a new found desire to stop putting bad things into their minds & bodies and soon after they become more spiritually aware and attuned.

Chakra Uttejan is very necessary for anyone who desires to do spiritual work and divination. All of the major spiritual traditions use techniques of fasting, prayer, meditation, sound, and movement to enhance spiritual connectedness. Chakra Uttejan is the way that you undergo this spiritual process individually and intentionally without the restraints of any organized religion or religious doctrine.

A lot of participants have found an immediate relief in their common day today issues like head ace, joint pains, frozen shoulders, acidity, stress, frustration, depression, anger, work related problems, relationship issues and so on.

Chakra Uttejan provides a spiritual insight of who we are and what our role is, as a member of the family/ society/ state/ country ......

The fees for such a highly valued workshop is just Rs 500/- so that even a common man can participate and heal himself towards better health, wealth & wellness.

Interested can get in touch with Milap Raval for their tickets on 98253 00926. Book your tickets now.

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