chakra healing and balancing workshop

chakra healing and balancing workshop


  • Chakra healing, balancing workshop

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About The Event


We have all had times in our lives when we have felt helpless in the hands of destiny. We feel disorientated, unable to control the direction our life is taking. Everything we begin seems to fall apart. Nothing seems right in life – family, friends, relationships, career, circumstances…. 

We wish we had a magic wand that can remove all our problems at one go. 

Sound familiar?


What if I told you that there is a very simple system which you can use to get back into the driver’s seat of your life?


Yes, not rituals, not astrology, not gurus; the solution lies in your CHAKRAS!


In my book 'How Chakras Liberate you from your Karma' I have explained how Chakras can help release karma, in this workshop find out how Chakras can help you create your own destiny!


In this 2-day workshop, you will see how your chakras influence your energy system, in turn influencing your behaviour, character-traits and the situations you attract into your life.

I will share with you a set of techniques, which when put into practice, will completely turn around your life towards HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, LOVE and ABUNDANCE

You will learn the simple laws of the universe proven by SCIENCE, using which you can literally, CREATE every moment of your life exactly the way you want it! This workshop will change your perception of life!


What you will gain:

· You will learn how chakras influence your life

· You will learn how to check the health of your chakras

· You will learn how to activate and balance chakras for yourself and for others

· You will be able to heal anything and everything

· You will be able to use your chakras to create the reality you want in life.

· You will be able to remove negative energy from your home/office or friends and family

· You will be able to measure the size of your chakras

· Remove any inner blocks you may have in attracting abundance of wealth, love and health,

and much more..

Does it get any better!?


Workshop fees

Rs 7500/- with certification
Rs 5500/- without certification
Early Bird fees before 10th July
Rs 6500/- with certification
Rs 5000/- without certification

Work shop fees Include –

Wealth programming Digital audio download – 3 Tracks half an hour each

Book – How Chakras liberate you from your Karma

Course material that’s presented in the workshop

Lunch & High Tea Snacks 

Note : For certification, you must undergo the test conducted by the Trainer.

The test includes
Feeling energy of living and non living beings
Accurate diagnosis of Chakras
Measuring the Size of chakras
Removing the negative energy from Aura
Just by looking at the photograph – Must assess the Health of Chakras
Contact 9177397261 E mail ID :


Workshop fees include high tea, lunch and course material.


Have there been previous such workshops?

Yes, I conduct my workshops in Hyderabad. Due to several requests from other cities, I am now touring Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Singapore. You can watch a preview of the previous workshops here.


Who can attend:



This is a life-changing event that you do not want to miss.


Know the Presenter:


Mr.Venkata Ramana Murthy is a professional healer and a spiritual consultant. He has spent 15+ years of his life exploring energy healing, the power of the human mind and various forms of meditation. His life story is one of the best examples of how one can 'Create one's own Reality' purely by tapping into the power within. Through his online healing school 'Sahasrar', he aims to create a healer in every home.


He has recently authored his first book ‘How Chakras Liberate you from your Karma’, which reached a ranking of #3 in Amazon under 'Chakras' section. You can buy the book here

Contact information:

Mobile: +(91)9177397261

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