Chai With Strangers

Chai With Strangers


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About The Event

 Share a cup of chai with complete strangers? Sounds scary? Its not.

By now, everyone including the media and your friends would have you convinced that the world is a bad bad place with no nice people out there. Everyone out there is probably out to take advantage of, or harm you. 

These misconceptions are, at best just that. The world is full of wonderful people who will add value to your life, share new skills and at the very least, take away your boredom and fill your life with joy. 

So throw out your pre conceived notions about meeting people and take a chance on life.
Have a cup of tea and breakfast with strangers on 3rd SEPTEMBER 2017 at Girl in the Cafe with Bachelors City.
Every friend was once a stranger

* Meet New People
* Have Interesting Conversations
* Enjoy a cup of tea on a fine Sunday

Charges: Rs. 299/- for a Cup of Tea and snacks




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