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About The Event

Many people have good idea about a new start up and wish to start the same but most of them are unable to execute the idea on ground and take it to a logical conclusion. Many start up founders does not wish to share  start up business idea with friends and professional associates because of the fear that their idea will be stolen. In the process of keeping the idea with themselves, they are unable to form a team of people to execute the idea.

For successful start up business, it is important to have a team of people to look after different aspect of business so that various initial teething problem related to technical, marketing, financial and human resources management is taken care of by specialist people in the team.

Secondly new start up founders do not prepare  business plan to outline various aspect of business. Without preparing detailed business plan , they are not able to visualize various aspects of the business and raising funds from investor also become difficult.

Join knowledge sharing deliberation exclusively for startup founders, entrepreneurs and professionals in key roles handling fundraising and investor relations. 


Key metrics of business plan and investment pitch for raising funds 

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