Train-The-Trainer Program: Certified Soft Skills Trainer

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About The Event

The demand for PROFESSIONALLY trained TRAINERS is continuously on the increase. In these days of soft skills boom and rapidly changing training needs, genuine trainers are hard to come by!!

Trainer Base India now offers a 24-hour, 3-day CERTIFICATION program for Soft Skills Trainers; the following are the details of the program:

You should attend this program, if

  1. You are a trainer who wish to enhance / upgrade your knowledge, skills and abilities so that your training approach becomes more structured, professional and hence more effective
  2. You are a retired professional, who is interested in transforming yourself into a professional and make training as your hobby, either part-time or full-time
  3. You are a professional (in any industry), considering a career shift into becoming a trainer
  4. You are an individual with work experience outside India, and now are back in the home country, planning to offer your services as a trainer
  5. You are a faculty (teacher / lecturer / professor), who plans to become a corporate trainer
  6. You are an individual planning to re-start your career and jump-start the come-back
  7. You are an individual planning to set up your own training business, and didn’t know where to start
  8. You are a fresh graduate or post graduate who wish to launch your career as a trainer

DURATION: 3 days; a total of 24 hours @ 8 hours a day


Training function plays a vital role in today’s workplace. The key to effective training is an in-depth understanding of various knowledge components related to training, and hands-on experience of designing, developing and delivering training modules!

You are intelligent and capable, but can you deliver TRAINING FOR RESULTS?

Many qualified, experienced and competent trainers have been found to be incapable of designing and developing CUSTOMIZED training modules, based on the expected LEARNING OUTCOMES. This in turn adversely affects their training delivery and the impact of their training, resulting in poor ROI of training!!

This CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is aimed at creating an understanding and appreciation of various approaches to Designing, Developing and Delivering training modules both for internal and external clients.

Training is a skill and hence anyone can enhance their training skills and ensure achievement of their career goals as a trainer, through the right training inputs and continuous practice!

Trainers who can design, develop and deliver CUSTOMIZED training modules based on the Learning Outcomes are known to build a reputation for themselves, climb the corporate ladder rapidly, and become successful in all walks of their life!.


By the end of the workshop, you will be able to

  • Understand the meaning and relevance of Training, Counselling, Facilitating, Coaching, and Mentoring and the skills essential for each
  • Demonstrate understanding of ADULT LEARNING PRINCIPLES and apply them in the Design, Development and Delivery of training modules
  • Use ADDIE Model for any training framework
  • Derive and document Learning Outcomes for training modules, based on well structured, scientifically implemented Training Needs Analysis (TNA / TNI)
  • Design and Develop CUSTOMIZED Training Modules focussed on the Learning Outcomes
  • Deliver training modules based on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, through the use of various Training Methodologies and Tools
  • Demonstrate understanding of Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation model
  • Understand how to handle difficult participants in a training program
  • Understand how to prepare impressive training proposals and attract clients


  1. Deep insights into your Personal Preferences, Personality Traits and Behavioural Patterns through the use of DISC-based Assessments
  2.  Thorough understanding of ADULT Learning Principles
  3. Application of VAKs / KOLBE’s Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
  4. Implementation of ADDIE model of training framework
  5. Hands-on experience on choosing the appropriate Training Methodology (Lecture, Small Group Discussion, Role Play, Simulation, Case Study, Game, Activity, Ice Breaker, Energizer, etc)
  6. Leveraging on the appropriate Training Tool (PPT, Transparency, Flip Chart, Display Chart, Hand-out, Questionnaire / Assessment, other Props)
  7. Ability to customize your delivery to the overall composition of your participants, based on MBTI Type Indicator
  8. Use David Groove’s ‘Clean Language’ communication methodology in your sessions
  9. Understand and refine your body language for ensuring enhanced participant interaction
  10. Apply the concept of ‘FANTASTICAT’ with young learners as well as adult participants
  11. Practical experience in designing Assessments based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning domains
  12. Overview of various Behavioural Assessment Tools (MBTI, DISC, 16PF, KTS, TKi, FIRO-B, Strong / Interest Inventory, CPI, 360 degrees, GALLOP, Harrisons, Thomas, Saville, Belbin, Big Five, Brain Type, etc)
  13. MOCK Delivery by every participant with 360 degree feedback!

Take Aways for every participant:

  1. Complete Train-The-Trainer Manual
  2. Feedback on Individual Learning Style
  3. Practical Insights on Personal / Behavioural Preferences
  4. Specific Feedback on Training Delivery (Presentation / Interaction / Facilitation / Body Language)
  5. Video Recordings of MOCK Sessions
  6. Hands-on training for Design, Development and Delivery of training modules
  7. Training Tool Kit (Proposal Template, PPTs, PDF / E-books related to training, Compilation of Icebreakers & Energizers, Collated Audios & Videos of reputed training practitioners)

PROGRAM DATES: 22nd to 24th December, 2012


The Program Fee is Rs. 17,500/- per participant.


Register BEFORE the 30th NOVEMBER and avail a discount of 20% (Rs. 3500/-) – you pay ONLY Rs. 14,000/-

SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you register BEFORE the 15th December 2012: 

PAY ONLY Rs. 15,000/- instead of Rs. 17,500/-


Bulk registrations of 3 or more shall attract additional discount of 10%

Fee once paid SHALL NOT BE REFUNDED; it can only be adjusted against another nomination.

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