Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)


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About The Event

Course Title:

Certified Scrum Developer Training

Sub Title:

Agile Engineering Design and Development

Dates of Event:

31st July - 2nd Aug, 2015


This interactive SCRUM Training will help you to learn extreme programming practices and how to incorporate it in your scrum process.  This will help you to deliver efficient and effective quality driven code to your customers.

Course Overview:

Scrum is a living, breathing framework. Its continued success is based on learning from successful implementations on actual projects. This training and workshop helps to understand the architecture, design, pair programming development, principles which enable test driven development and ease refactoring.  This training and workshop sets a solid foundation for organizations, teams or individuals to start their concrete service improvement efforts using Agility through SCRUM.

Course Duration & Timing:

09 AM to 6 PM, 3 Days (24 Hours)

Course Delivery Language:


Approach of Delivery:

Classroom training with activity workshop.


Good software delivery experience, understand OOPS concepts.


Sriram Kuchimanchi

Who should attend?

This course is for Architects, senior/Junior Engineer who leads the team and want to gain in depth knowledge in SCRUM.

Sessions Outline Day 1:

Agile Architecture and Design (Day 1 Morning)
Principles of architecture in an agile environment
Design practices on an agile team
Principles that enable testability and ease refactoring
Secure coding | Design patterns | Coding standards
Exercise 1

Collaboration (Day 1 Morning)
Working together as one team
Including the customer in the process
Pair programming | lean developer
Scaling Agile
Agile Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)
Exercise 2

Refactoring (Day 1 Afternoon)
When to refactor
Refactoring maintainability
Refactoring to patterns
Exercise 3

Sessions Outline Day 2

Test Driven Development (Day 2)
Concept of agile testing
The testing quadrants
Test drive development (TDD) as a design approach
Red-green-refactor cycle
Unit testing principles and practices
Acceptance & Behavioural test driven development (ATTD & ATTD)
Exercise 4

Sessions Outline Day 3

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI & CD) (day 3)
Single command build
Fast automated build & testing 
The importance of a single source repository
Increasing visibility & automating deployment
Continuous integration | continuous delivery | DevOps
Exercise 5

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand how Scrum can be used to deliver quality products. 
2. Clarify on how to do detailed planning and estimation using Scrum. 
3. The team will learn to be self-organized and own the product so no micromanagement is necessary. 
4. To become part of self-motivating effective teams which collaborate proactively. 
5. Enable your team in getting early feedback from your customer about Product progress. Having the customer engaged continuously in the development process. 
6. Value of daily standup and other regular meetings between the members of the team would cut down on expectation gaps.
7. Retrospectives & refactoring of methods should translate into better productivity and less firefighting. 
8. The cross-functional team working together, reduces bugs and helps to spot problems earlier.


Participant Certificate


Certified Scrum Developers are listed on the Scrum Alliance website, provided with a profile page, and offered a specially designed logo to highlight their credentials.

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