Certified Scrum Developer course

Certified Scrum Developer course


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Certified Scrum Developers have demonstrated through a combination of formal training and a technical skills assessment that they have a
working understanding of Scrum principles and have learned specialized Agile engineering skills. As a CSD, you will receive a profile page
on the Scrum Alliance website and will have access to a specially designed logo to highlight your credentials.

This training is for IT Professionals that support software development projects. This set of courses will benefit architects; business
analysts, developers; QA testers and engineers, and project/product managers. Familiarity with basic Object-Oriented (OO) concepts and
terminology is recommended. Participants who successfully complete the programming exercises (Java using Eclipse or in C Sharp using
Visual Studio) in the Scrum Software Developer Essentials training are eligible to become a Certified Scrum Developer, assuming the other
requirements are met.

This training curriculum will enable you to:

- Establish standards and practices for rapidly building quality software

- Avoid upfront overdesign and practice just-in-time development

- Identify and correct potential impediments to Scrum success

- Use object-oriented techniques to write more extensible software

- Support collaboration, pair programming, and cross-functional teams

- Write software that supports an iterative process without excessive rework

- Support collaborative code ownership and embrace a common aesthetic

- Implement better design alternatives and avoid upfront overdesign


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