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Practitioner of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. This is an incredible internationally proven workshop of Strategising, Performing and Delivering Results.
You can Coach, Lead, Manage, Model and Mentor your people very effectively.&n

Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner NLP Workshop by Licensed Trainers of Dr Richard Bandler(USA), Mumbai,12th-24th December 2011


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  • Regular Registration(12th-24th December 2011)

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About The Event

NLP Workshop.

Practitioner of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. This is an incredible internationally proven workshop of Strategising, Performing and Delivering Results.

You can Coach, Lead, Manage, Model and Mentor your people very effectively. 

Using this Neuro-Psycho-Logical approach you can be Systematic and Organized  to Elegantly influence the human behaviors.

This will transform the ways you or your people perform and maximize results!  

What more? Here are some of the rare benefits....

  • About 80% professionals could sort out long pending conflicts with their colleagues. 
  • 90% of leaders and managers became creative and solution thinkers 2 out of 3 sales professionals could revive their  old customers. 
  • Almost all of the business leaders and unit heads could make clear plans to move ahead at a faster rate than before
  • 9 out of 10 difficult relationship became workable. 
  • 100% trainers in process and behavioral training could find out new set of techniques.

This Practitioner of NLP workshop for anyone in Business and Profession, Will help you to make unmatchable progress.

in Each and Every Area of YOUR life, you will…

Move from Ordinary to ........Extraordinary

Having undergone The Techniques and Learning Material, We people have given us a feedback….  

 Here Are Some Astonishing Results!

  • More than 75% People got promoted in a reasonably short span of time.   
  • 90% Senior Leaders could strategically align their team to organisational vision. 
  • 4 out 5 working mothers could balance work-family life.
  • More than 85% HR Professionals improved ways to solve employee issues.

 Here is What you will Learn in this Workshop:

  • Elevate level of Productivity by managing their state
  • Improve Efficiency with creative Ideas
  • Getting results in KPA's as they could Focus better
  • Strengthen Leadership Ability with added Flexibility
  • Improve Team Management as they could get insight the way people think
  • Meet sales target as they could clearly map customer's mind
  • Become Top-Notch executives as they learned developing sense of commitment
  • Delivering profitable values due to enhanced future vision
  • Handle crises as they mastered to reframe situation,

Business Model NLP Enables:

  • Correcting Perception

When you know you are right in your terms yet others make wrong judgments in perceiving you, You will be able to figure it out & change their perception

  • Modeling Excellence

There are many individuals who have a knack… When you come across them, rather than feeling deprived or work hard. You can use NLP 'Modeling' to learn their mental Strategies and model them in an easy way.

  • The Desired Emotional Balance

There are time you try to keep your cool but somehow disturbing forces try to put you off-track. You can quickly gain balance and be a Light Hearted person most of the time.

  • Rapport, Negotiation, Influence & Impact etc

You will come to know a generative process to learn about people instantly by Calibrating and use specific strategy to influence them. You will learn to Pace with Rapport & Lead people to make them irresistibly agree with what you say.

  • Being Resourceful

NLP is also about having a chance to be Your-Self. Using every bit of Inner Resources you Possess – Access them, Multiply them & Re-Apply them in Numerous areas !

  • Exceeding the usual limits

Just by using simple skills of NLP, you can easily stretch them to think. beyond limitations, collapsing their Anchors help them break through the boundaries.

  • Increasing self-worth and belongingness

You will get to know strategies to impact deep heart feelings, raise  self-worth and belongingness using Anchoring and Swish Patterns. Dissolve low Self-Esteem. Intensify positive feelings that you have, improve upon qualities required to succeed & deserve to be triumphant in realizing personal vision.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed to bring results for anyone and everyone who wants to improve, excel and make a difference in whatever endeavor or profession S/he follows. People who have benefitted from our workshops include

CEOs, Directors, GMs, HR Heads, Project Heads, Leaders, L & D persons, Trainers, Motivators, Consultants, Businessmen, Engineers, Managers, Sales Professionals, Students, Teachers, Social Workers, Govt Officials, Housewives, Actors, Parents, Writers, Publishers, Bankers, Creative designers, Software Developers,... and so on...

You will Learn from:

Masters of NLP who have trained thousands of people not only in this (Practitioner level) workshop but in the advanced (Masters) level as well. Sat and Siri are, the only 18+ years experienced Indian Licensed NLP Trainers, trained in USA by Dr. Richard Bandler. They are also:

  • Accredited Business & Life Coach, CANADA & AUSTRALIA
  • Qualified Teachers for Yoga of Awareness, USA
  • Certified HR Consultants conferred with Hon. PhD. NETHERLANDS 


”Won’t you too like to get so much from this incredible workshop?  

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