Certified Ethical Cracker Course

Certified Ethical Cracker Course


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About The Event

infySEC’s Certified Ethical Cracker Course is one of the most Advanced Ethical Hacking Course which delivers in-depth knowledge of real time attack vectors and defensive methods. This course has been designed by group of globally recognized Information Security Professionals to meet the participant and organization expectations. For easy understanding for the participants, LIVE practical demonstration has been added for all necessary topics.

This course delivers comprehensive deep understanding of how attacker’s works in dark and methodology they follow to deface a network. In other hand, how the Information Security Professionals working in an organization identifies these methodologies and deface attackers.

Benefits of CEC Course:

  • - LIVE practical demonstration on intense step by step attack vectors for all necessary topics.
  • - LIVE practical demonstration on identifying attacks and also defense.
  • - How to create code our own hacking and security tools.LIVE practical demonstration on effective usage of the tools.
  • - LIVE practical demonstration on Information Security Professional working in an organization identifies the attacks and how they respond.
  • - Live demonstration on how attacks, vulnerabilities and defensive method can be done Network layer to Application layer.
  • - LIVE Attack vectors demonstration covering various Operating system including Windows, etc.
  • - LIVE demonstration on how data can be recovered from the infected system and restore business systems.
  • - How Virus and worm works practically? and how to prevent them?
  • - Deep Dive sessions on how attacks happens and defensive methods in all the layers.
  • - How network packets can be sniffed and data can be changed on the fly in various networks.

Topics Covered:

Certified Ethical Cracker Topics:
S.No: Topics
1 Introduction
2 Footprinting
3 Enumeration
4 Scanning
5 Trojan & Backdoors
6 Viruses and worms
7 Google Dorking
8 Buffer Overflows
9 Sniffers
10 Social Engineering
11 Denial Of Service
12 Cryptography
13 Email Attacks
14 Phishing
15 Session Hijacking
16 Webservers attacks
17 Web Browsers Attacks
18 Web based password cracking
19 SQL Injection
20 Parameter Manipulation
21 Cross Site Scripting
22 Physical Security
23 Botnets
24 Penetration Testing
25 Reverse Engineering
26 Wireless Attacks
27 Credit Card Frauds
28 Threats and Countermeasures
29 Next Generation Attacks
30 Ethical Hacking as a Career


LAB Access:

Certified Ethical Cracker LAB Access is an extreme Online Virtual Remote Lab provided to participants where they can work from any place at any point of time without restriction. CEC LAB was created in such a concept called “Learn with Fun” where each participant will face gaming-like structured online hacking program called 'CAPTURE THE FLAG' which contains many Levels relevant to the topics covered on the program. Each participant has to cross levels to face CEC exam, Hence CEC will only deliver equipped candidates. Participant have to cross multiple Levels starting with easy to toughest level. Each participant can track other participants activity live which helps each participants to get involved into Live Hacking Zone competition, Prepare to be SHOCKED, ENTERTAINED and EDUCATED all at the same time.


Upcoming Weekend Batch Dates:



Certified Ethical Cracker






5 Days



4th (Sat), 5th (Sun), 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun) & 18th (Sat) JULY 2015



10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M



Handbook, DVD, Online Exam & Certificate

LAB Access  


2 weeks Online Practical sessions  (Work from Home)


For more details about CEC Certification Course, please contact:

Phone    : 044-42611142, 9840084496

Email Id : adhavan@infysec.com

Web Link : http://www.infysec.com/index.php/training/courses/certified-ethical-cracker

Terms & Conditions

  • - During unavoidable circumstance, batch dates might get prepond or postpond which will be informed prior notice to each participant.
  • - Registrations are limited with few seats per batch, First come First server basis only.
  • - Participants are requested to bring their own Laptop which must have WiFi connectivity feature.
  • - If participant is unable to make Laptop arrangement, it has to be informed to us in 3 days prior notice so that we could make alternative arrangement.
  • - WiFi connection will be provided to each participant Laptop during the training program.
  • - On Day1 of the training, Participant has to bring 1 passport size photo and 1 photo ID proof photocopy (Eg: PAN card, company ID card, Driving License, etc).

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