CEA Fest 2013

CEA Fest 2013


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Held from 15th-17th March 2013, CEA Fest is the annual technical festival of the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Madras. Visit : ceaiitm.org


'The Civil Engineering Association' (CEA), is the student community of the department of the Civil Engineering, IIT Madras, which monitors the bulk of the departmental activities (curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular) throughout the academic year, for the department of Civil Engineering. It serves as a platform for the students of the Civil Engineering to "interact with and prospect" the field of Civil Engineering. CEA continuously strive to re-kindle the thrust for knowledge, to bring a change by challenging our perception and understanding of the core of civil Engineering in a revitalizing way. The activities of this proactive Civil Engineering Community which includes various 'Biweekly events', 'Lecture series', 'Big Fight' - debates involving faculty and students, aim at providing pre-requisite qualities of a Civil Engineer like practical knowledge, creating awareness about ongoing events, techniques, proficiency, through out the year. CEA was re-developed, re-modeled and, re-invented year after year incorporating oodles of innovation and challenge resulting in the combination of fun and knowledge, which is what CEA stands for now.

In the break of the March, the CEA hosts its annual technical festival, the CEA Fest, arguably the front runner in Civil Engineering festivals in India. This fest has made remarkable synergybetween the spaces of academia and industry and hence has been swarming with Civil Engineering students across the country. Hands on events, design, literary events, presentations and quizzes, to name a few are the events that draw wide spread attention. Lectures and Demonstrations during the fest provide a first hand experience of the industry related demandsand problems.

The CEA fest, besides offering students, an insight into the potential of the Civil Industry, provides a launching platform to train budding Engineers to develop skills required by this industry. Reaching out to over hundred collegesspread all over India. By interacting with the future Civil Engineers and inspiring them to participate in CEA Fest.



  • Concrete Challenge
  • Paper presentation
  • Modelling
  • Master Builder
  • Industry Defined Problem
  • Sustainability Challenge
  • School Kids festival
  • Civil Quiz
  • Online Quiz
  • Debate
  • Lecture Series
  • Department Open House


For Accommodation on campus register in our website www.ceaiitm.org under accommodation tab. 

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