Cyber Crime and Legal Enforcement

Cyber Crime and Legal Enforcement


About The Event

What is your cyber risk profile? What do you look like to the outside world? As a twenty-first century security Sherpa, this workshop will lead you on an eye-opening journey of the realities and risks in our cyber-connected, technologically laden world.
Technology pervades our life. Most of us would be lost without our smartphones, iPads, laptops, Tivos, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. While these tools can be of great utility, they also harbor an often ignored risk: the capability to threaten one’s business, finances, and family. All technologies can be hacked to provide a stealth window and an open door direct into an unsuspecting user’s home, office, family, or social life. As executives travel the world with their business plans, intellectual property, latest board minutes, and acquisition strategies stored on a panoply of electronic devices, sophisticated adversaries pose a persistent threat ready to steal the data of their choosing.
It is possible for an adversary to remotely turn on your laptop or smartphone’s microphone, and video camera, while simultaneously disabling the green “on” light. Your mobile phone leaks out your location 24 hours a day, and from this information a sophisticated pattern of your activities and associates can be aggregated and profiled. Your spouse or children could be readily targeted in social networking sites, and even extorted, as a means of getting to you and your business activities.
As people rely more heavily on technology, the threat of cyber crime continues to escalate in India and one way to fight cyber crime is to effectively educate the public through  our cyber security and legal enforcement campaign. The programme would provide insights on both technical and legal aspects of cyber security. The programme is useful for students, corporate and academicians.


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