Career Intelligence: Your Survival and Success Guide for a Constantly Changing Workplace - By Compliance Global Inc.

Career Intelligence: Your Survival and Success Guide for a Constantly Changing Workplace - By Compliance Global Inc.


  • Career Intelligence Your Survival and Success Guide

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About The Event



Organization career development is a systematic companywide approach to match employee career development with changing business needs for a dynamic and effective workforce. There are three groups that need to take responsibility for career development within organizations.

First are the managers for linking the organization's needs to employee career goals and for assisting them in finding resources and opportunities. Second is human resources designing career paths and employee development programs that help employees reach their goals and meet the company’s needs. And finally are the individual employees planning and managing his or her career in the organization.

The focus of this webinar will be on helping employees manage their career in a very changing workplace culture.


Why Should You Attend


Who’s responsible for your career success? Many think of it as a 50-50 arrangement. I carry 50% of the responsibility and my employer carries 50%. Yes in theory, but not in reality. Here's the rub.

What an employer considers 50%, you may consider only 10% and be dissatisfied. And what you feel is your 50% contribution, may be considered a measly 20% by your employers. This leads to mismatched expectations and employee/employer frustrations.

If you are concerned about your career success and satisfaction, as you should be, then take complete ownership of it. The benefit of effective career management is to put you in the driver’s seat of your professional and managerial career as well as create career, not job, security in an insecure world.


Areas Covered in this Webinar


One thing for certain is that the workplace will keep changing. Where will you be one year from now? What about 5 or even 10 years? Will your job even exist? What about your company, profession or even your industry? What should you be doing right NOW so that you don’t find yourself facing a dissatisfaction or dead end or derailment in your career?

This webinar will help you manage your career for the constantly changing marketplace and workplace. The areas to be covered are:

  • Developing  career resilience
  • Advancing your career to the next level
  • Getting  your career out of cruise control
  • Creating a career brand that will help you stand out in a crowd


Learning Objectives


  • Recognize five career killers that can derail your career
  • Build your career brand to make you more competitive
  • Navigate organizational culture, politics and boss problems
  • Identify your career anchors – what motivates you
  • Learn to play smart vs. bumper car networking


Who Will Benefit


  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers and Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Staff Managers and Supervisors
  • Technical Professionals
  • Support Staff




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