CARAVAN - Elements: The essential of Creative Writing and Creative Thinking

CARAVAN - Elements: The essential of Creative Writing and Creative Thinking


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About The Event


Everybody writes. We wrote lengthy essays during our schooldays, didn’t we? We demonstrated our creative writing skills on the answer sheets during exams, didn’t we? What does it take to write a novel: Ability to fill the paper with facts and figures, Creativity or Mere determination? Attend our session to find out how did Harsh Agarwal, Nethra A, Ayaan Basu and Taufeeq go about writing their books. Learn the essentials of creative writing (not just writing a novel). They will also discuss the following topics:

1.)    Styles of Writing: Prose and Verse.

2.)    Popular Genres.

3.)    Types of Creative Writing.

4.)    Creative writing and creative thinking exercises.

5.)    Life Cycle of a Novel


About the panellists

Harsh Agarwal

An artist by soul, engineer by education and entrepreneur by profession, Harsh Agarwal entered the publishing industry at the early age of 19. Till now, he has played diverse roles and has worked as an author, editor, agent, freelancer, book reviewer and mentor as well. He recently started delivering creative writing workshops in various cities which were equally loved by aspiring authors.

His last book ‘An excursion of insight’ from Lifi Publications was loved by both critiques and readers. His next book ‘Nazaqat’ will be releasing in December with Half Baked Beans.

Harsh aims to help young and aspiring authors and do a number of projects with them to motivate and inspire them. The recent ones include ‘Love and Lokpal’ and ‘Time’s Lost Atlas’ where he helped numerous young writers and guided them to complete the book.

Harsh also runs the organization named - The Asylum, which aims to promote creative writing and aspiring authors.

Also, he is a final year student of Mechanical Engineering at NIT Silchar, Assam. 

Nethra A

Based in Bangalore, Nethra is a post-graduate in Business Administration and is a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering. She is a voracious reader and a fiction writer, who puts quality writing over everything else. Her interest in good stories and writing made her start Fablery Publications, which started as a writing activity in association with another publication and now is venturing into publishing graphic novels and novellas. Her debut novel “My Ramyeon Girl” will be out in the market in the near future. 

Ayaan Basu

Ayaan Basu is an engineering graduate, an author and an avid blogger, and fights his days among MNC-clad work schedule, writing and veracious travelling routine. His first book was a Bengali poetry collection called "Nosto Cheler Golpo" - poems of a prodigal child written during 2nd year of Engineering in 2006, followed by "Shadow of Life" an anthology which he co-authored with another writer. His profession has brought him to Bangalore but heart hails back in his hometown Kolkata, which resulted in creation of his first novel, "The Storm in my Mind - Ami , Kolkata and Confessions", dealing with life in a contemporary society, which is currently racing to be a best-seller. He is co-authoring another anthology "Emerald Hues". He is a very creative person and his hobbies are varied. He is an ardent guitarist, a singer & a composer. He was even associated with a rock band in Kolkata named "Driftwood".


Taufeeq is a Computer Science Engineer from CBIT college, currently working with Dell international services in Hyderabad as a software developer, writer of a book titled 'An idiot, placments and intervYOU' published by The Times Group Books written under the penname toffee. It is one of its kind book where information was interlaced with some entertainment, an easy-on-brain read that infuses engineering students with all the necessary information they need regarding placements and interview. He is interested in people in general and also their stories, and wants to continue his creative pursuits in writing and story-telling and touch hearts of many people as an artist.

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