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Car Bike and Cycle Expo is one of the premier automobile sector trade shows in India. The show brings in more than 100000 visiting participants at each of its editions and topical discussion session on the latest news, views and perspectives from this sector are discussed in detail at the show. Over 100 professional exhibitors attend the show, displaying different types of motorbikes, cycles, cars, garage equipments and vehicle spare parts. Participating companies at the show have ample scope of directly interacting with well-targeted, high net-worth buyers, along with a large number of expert industry professionals as well. Mechanics, fleet owners, manufacturers and dealers from the automotive sector are among the prime attendees at the show, which is held at the Ganesh Kala Krida Manch in Pune and takes up a total exhibition space of 20000 square meters.

Exhibitor Profile

Car Bike and Cycle Expo is attended by more than 100 exhibiting participants, looking to gain greater visibility for their automotive products and accessories to the show attendees. Chief items of exhibit at the show includes cycles, bikes, cars, spare parts, garage instruments and other related products. Representatives from top car insurance and finance companies are also present at the event. Car oils and lubricants are also showcased here.

Visitor Profile

Car Bike and Cycle Expo lives up to its billing as the top automotive trade show in Western India by drawing in more than 100000 visiting participants on a regular basis. Car mechanics, dealers, manufacturers, distributors and garage experts are present at the show, as are fitters, cycle repairing experts and fleet owners. Representatives from several student bodies also take part at this event.


The chief highlighting features of the Car Bike and Cycle Expo are:

1. The largest automotive trade event in Western India.
2. Attended by more than 100 exhibitors and over 100000 visitors.
3. Vintage car pavilions and
4. Informative conference sessions.

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