Captivate Your Crowd : How to Be a Powerful, Purposeful  Persuasive Public Speaker

Captivate Your Crowd : How to Be a Powerful, Purposeful Persuasive Public Speaker


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About The Event

Sean Smith, “The Premier Breakthrough Coach” is a Certified Master Results Practitioner who helps individuals and business owners identify and destroy the obstacles that are holding you back so you can start living the lifestyle of your dreams right now.

Simply put, Sean has a special gift for empowering others. He has helped hundreds of independent business owners find their purpose, release their limiting beliefs, and start attracting outrageous financial and personal results into their lives.



The Inner Game

  1. Removing the commons fears of public speaking
  2. Identifying the purpose of your story & message
  3. Anchoring the confidence to speak on stage

Designing a Powerful Presentaion 

  1. Beginning, middle, close
  2. The audience’s journey – where you want them to go & not go
  3. Story telling

Connection Skills

  1. 5 components of connection
  2. Words, tonality, body language
  3. Presence
  4. Using humor correctly
  5. Expanded awareness & building rapport

Presentation Skills

  1. Delivering your talk
  2. Preparing before
  3. Opening, middle, closing
  4. Controlling the crowd’s energy & attention
  5. Memory stacking – for remembering your content
  6. 5 Satir stances for emphasizing your points
  7. Controlling your audience’s mental & emotional states

  1. 3 ways to instantly erase 99% of your internal doubts so you can TAKE ACTION
  2. How to turn your biggest fears into FUEL for your wildest dreams
  3. One single question that will keep you inspired and motivated for constant success
  4. The most important mindset that instantly eliminates your biggest obstacles
  5. How to use the power of presence to calm your mind and create confidence and much more



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