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All the MSMEs across the country are experiencing the challenges as mentioned in the two outer circles around the man.

As we know the organisation is also like Human body and sickness do strike them. Like how Yoga and meditation helps for Humans, the services of CAPSULE will help MSMEs to overcome the sickness and be able to put the organisation on “Fast Track”. Over and above, Consultants of CAPSULE has a very rich hands-on experience having implemented such services in various industry verticals. They can help the MSMEs to resolve the challenges quickly as well as provide training for the internal resources to sustain those services.

Topic Timing

  • IPR for Business Advantage 3:20 PM
   Presenter | Mr. Vijay Kumar, IP Analyst -
  • Role of the HR Function in the Organizations 3:40 PM
   Presenter | Mr. Kalyan Duvva, Associate Partner - Husys Consulting
  • Emerge with IT - Know How Now 4:00 PM
  Presenter | Mr. Bhagwan V R S Gorti. CEO - Positive Solutions
  • Cloud ERP for all @Rs 2,500/user/month & how to make it work? 4:20 PM
  Presenter | Mr. S Vijay Venkatesh, CEO - Syscon Solutions
  • Quality And Regulatory 4:40 PM
   Presenter | Mrs. A.N. Satyavathi - Trust Chem Solutions
  • Tea Break 4:50 PM
  • Clinic & FAQs 5:10 PM


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