Book Online Tickets for Campus Partner Program, Jamshedpur. International Growth and Leadership Foundation (IGLF) aims at  providing “internal freedom” as a meaningful action to grow, create and  lead. It uses the unique  Dissolve the BoxTM method. This method is now introduced as a syllabus at II

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International Growth and Leadership Foundation (IGLF) aims at providing “internal freedom” as a meaningful action to grow, create and lead. It uses the unique Dissolve the BoxTM method. This method is now introduced as a syllabus at IIMs.

We have trained more than 50 CEO’s and 5000 top level executives from more than 50 organizations.
We have mentored professionals from Tata Group Companies, ICICI, Tech Mahindra, Essar Power & Steel, Tata Football Academy, East Bengal Club etc. Institutes like XISS, IIM Ranchi, ISB Hyderabad etc. have benefitted from our sessions.

This year IGLF wishes to invite you to join hands with us in a unique program called the Campus Partners Program. This program aims at improving the lives of people both professionally and personally through a revolutionary new way of approaching situations called ' Dissolve the box '. It also gives students a chance to get valuable experience of working as leaders in a corporate environment much before they actually enter the corporate world.

About DTB: “Dissolve the Box” or DTB is a revolutionary new way of life that challenges the current. DTB is not just a management fad but a way of life. While we are still stuck with conventional and out-of-the-box thinking, DTB challenges us to go beyond the obvious by widening our field of vision.

About the Program: The aim of the program is to train the youth to apply the DTBTM way to their life and see the difference. This would not only enable them to be better decision makers but also help create a society which is more empowered and conscious in all facets of life. This gives them a chance to prepare themselves for the challenges they would face in corporate life and how to be exemplary leaders by taking decisions that not bound by any fixed notions. We aim to create an environment where people are able to take decisions that are not restricted by walls, the walls created by internal fear, ego or outside compulsions. Everyone should be focused on becoming a real and natural leader and not just content with climbing the corporate ladder.

1. Partners will learn to Grow, Create and Lead to build a better life and better world the DTBTM way.
2. Partners will lead in achieving the UI World Vision 2030.
3. The campus partner is the link between IGLF and his network (campus, friends and family). He/she should take the idea to people associated to them.
4. Partners will learn how to DTBTM and apply it to their lives and those of people around them.
5. Partners can increase their touch points through the idea and create a wider network, for which IGLF will provide continued support.
6. The primary aim for partners would be to take the idea to at least 100 people in their present environment.
7. We help our partners in developing their interpersonal and business development skills which would be a great learning experience and also reward them accordingly.

Expectations from the network:
1. They get to know the idea as a way of life.
2. They understand its relevance and its application in their lives to live, grow, act, lead and create.
3. We encourage people to come forth with their problems which we would try to resolve with the DTBTM principles and help them experience the difference.
4. Once convinced they can be active members of the DTBTM family and help us take it further.
5. Create a better life and a better world.

Rewards and recognition:
1. All dedicated partners get a certificate of association.
2. Partners who create a reach of over 500 individuals get a silver level certification.
3. Partners who organize seminars or events get a gold level certification and a gift hamper.
4. Partners who are successful in creating a relationship with a foreign based recognized university get platinum level certification and other benefits based on university’s rating.
5. Partners who take DTBTM to corporates will be eligible for platinum level certification and DTBTM Corporate benefits. 6. Achievers also get the opportunity to do an internship with IGLF.


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