Camping near Pavana Lake

Camping near Pavana Lake


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About The Event


Camping is extraordinary way to switch off from boring, tiring and exhausting daily routine life. It gives relaxation, refreshments and energy to live our life. Our wonderful team of  Pawana Weekends take care of people who are arriving for camping and provide best service.There are many historical forts around like Tikona, Lohagad, Visapur, Tung etc. to trek around.


Pawana Weekends is a perfect location to explore your dreams and you have rejuvenating experience in the most beautiful nature. Spend an exciting night in a tent, and create some wonderful memories. Enjoy the evening snacks, campfire, stargazing, dinner, breakfast and barbecue which are provided at the camp. Pawana Weekends will give you amazing and unforgettable memories for lifetime.