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Camping, Hiking, Barbecue, Campfire/ Bon fire, Star gazing, Hammocks, Tree climbing, Night adventure, Bird watching, Animal spotting, Farming, Volleyball and Cricket.
A hybrid campsite offering a variety of activities in a Forest e

Camping, Barbecue, Campfire, Hiking, Games @ Herba Valley Eco Farms, Zahirabad


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About The Event



Camping, Hiking, Barbecue, Campfire/ Bon fire, Star gazing, Hammocks, Tree climbing, Night adventure, Bird watching, Animal spotting, Farming, Volleyball and Cricket.

A hybrid campsite offering a variety of activities in a Forest environment and perfect camping experience with security as the top priority. We have security cameras, motion detectors and 24hr UPS power backup.

Imported tents like Coleman and Ozark Trail from the U.S.A offering you only the best protection from the elements and also 100% reptiles, bugs and critter proof, offering nothing but the most stress free environment for kids and women. And sports with a cricket pitch and full volley ball court as well to unleash the player in you.


Our Campsite/ Forest Farm:

Welcome to the Unique and Wonderful Eco-System of Herba Valley, a 100 acre farm about 90 mins drive from Hyderabad. Surrounded by an 800 acres of reserve forest with rich Bio-Diversity and overlooking a natural lake. Unpolluted and amidst the natures perfect harmony with valleys as far as your eye can see and hillocks with wonderful views.

Our farm is a home to numerous Herbal species and about 10,000 trees, Peacocks, Wild Hare, Wild Cats, Deer, Porcupines, wild hogs who are tillers, Desi Cows, hundreds of bird species (our pest controllers) and Honey bee colonies (our Pollinators) which are numbered in hundreds. Our recycling friends the Termites and power tillers the "earth worms" which balance the eco system by enriching the soil and does the farming for us (No wonder they are the real farmers). Night is no different than the day with respect to the millions of insects living and working in sycn with nature.

Free from Pesticides or harmful chemicals, unpolluted by the City air, the City lights and the Hustle and Bustle, no creature is unhappy in our Forest/farm with an abundance of food for each organism with respect to their life cycle.

Feel the Aura of life and blissful silence in Herba Valley Eco Farms by camping wtih us in our Forest like farm. Detoxify your senses and body with the fresh smell of nature with 180 degrees unobstructed view of Sun & moon rise and set and bathe in the perfect star lit sky.

Play Games like Volleyball in a full court and a small tennis ball Cricket pitch and some indoor games.

Cherish growing memories with your kids and take home sweet memories. Celebrate your kids birthdays in nature with us and gift your friends a plant which would be a lifetime memory.

We can boast that no other farm can match us in terms of Elevation and scenic beauty and quality of produce from our orchards in and around Hyderabad. you can find our organic produce in "Good Seeds Organic living" store and other major foodie stores as well. Come and find out for yourself.



  • Arrive to the farm by 4 pm. Welcome drink Lime juice or Tea and Biscuits.
  • Claim your tent and make it your home for the next 24hours.
  • 5pm to 6pm Intro into Organic/ Natural farming and info on a healthy lifestyle.
  • 7pm to 8pm Camp Fire/ Bonfire with music from your cars.
  • 8pm to 9pm Community Cooking Barbecue and vegan dinner with (jowar rotis, daal, 2 curries, rice, Curd and a sweet)
  • 9pm to 10pm night adventure into the woods with flashlights and Sticks...
  • 10pm star gazing some chit chat and time to sleep.
  • Access to Farm house bedrooms at night for the Kids and Women for a safe and secure environment.
  • 6am Wakeup with the bird chirps and freshen up.
  • 7am to 9am early morning hike into the Forest/Farm with tree climbing lessons and trek into the valleys and climb hills and spot some wildlife and bird watching.
  • 9am to 10am breakfast & Tea with Lemon rice or Upma and Bread Jam.
  • 10am to 12pm getting hands dirty with farming activity like saplings planting, weed removal, mulching, feeding jivamrutam, spraying and harvesting vegetables and feeding the cows.
  • 12pm pack your bags and pack your trash and take home good memories



  • Includes Saturday Dinner Sunday Breakfast (Organic,Vegetarian and Traditional) and farm house access for women and kids in the night.
  • Individual Huge Coleman 12'x11' feet weatherproof 8 person tents Ozark Trail 9x15 feet 2 room 8 person tents for families of 6, and 4 person medium tents which are critters and bug proof.
  • Tree climbing lessons for Kids.
  • Feed our Desi Ongole and Gir Cows
  • Wild Hiking Circuit of hills and valleys of about 5 kilometers.
  • Visit to the forest and description of a few herbs that grow indegenously.
  • Children play with soil that enrich their immunity.
  • CampFire and Music.
  • Learn how to farm and its self sutaining Bio-Diversity.
  • Sessions on how to eat right.
  • Playcricket in our pitch or our full volley ball court.
  • Mountain Biking Friendly.
  • Secured camping site with Cc Cameras.
  • Clean restrooms Western style.
  • 24 hours UPS backup for the campsite.

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