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 For years, businesses have realized the power of storytelling. Every entrepreneur and professional need better ways to inspire and empower other people to take actions and build engagement. Storytelling is the most valuable tool in 21 st century; it can articulate the context, make complex data practicable, nurture relationships with products and people, rally team around your ideas and strategy, support you to make choices and take actions and fuel compelling narratives that shape behaviors and culture.

Futurist Rolf Jensen in his book The Dream Society: How the Coming Shift from Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business states that “The employee who, through telling stories about the organization’s results, manages to strengthen corporate culture will be considered a valuable asset.” He goes on to say, “Anyone seeking success in the market of the future will have to be a storyteller. The story is the heart of the matter”

Are you keen to learn more about storytelling as an important part of your journey? Join us for a prologue session that will give you a head start to acquire this essential skill.

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