Business Meditation - A  Tool for Corporate GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT

Business Meditation - A Tool for Corporate GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT


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Business Meditation™ is a comprehensive approach towards growth of any enterprise and is prepared after years of research on entrepreneurship and corporate affairs. A tool for Personal & Professional growth as well.

All growth is either caused by visionary ambition or by effectively handling problems causing obstruction to growth. Through Business Meditation™ we prepare a road map for the company for releasing and realizing its highest collective potential. In real terms, it means enhancing Execution Competence Measurement (ECM) of the organization by paying attention to the executional abilities of the individual employees. 

It is observed that various types of business objectives tend to get lost while handling routine business activities / challenges. It is because they have not been captured effectively in the first place. Hence, execution remains a challenge which gets further complicated by emotionally logical impulses of the employees.

Business Meditation™ involves a series of detailed meetings, capturing requisite data in various formats designed specifically for the purpose. Wherever necessary the exercise is supported by relevant Training Programs at all levels. Execution Competence Measurement (ECM) is periodically measured at predetermined frequency and interventions undertaken until it reaches a level above 80%. Such organizations are known to succeed and perform well on sustained basis.  

Pentagon Impex International is a global Consulting & Training company having presence in Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai. We offer various types of consulting services and training programs. However, we concentrate on helping the organization to “GROW” – without growth all initiatives and interventions become meaningless.

We charge Rs. 1,500.00 per hour or part thereof for a one to one session. If the discussion results into an assignment, the first hour charges become complimentary. Meditate on your business with prior appointment.

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