TABLE MANNERS and Fine Dinning Etiquette Practical Session

TABLE MANNERS and Fine Dinning Etiquette Practical Session


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About The Event

This Sunday let's practice TABLE MANNERS and Fine Dinning Etiquette

Even your best friends will be reluctant to correct your poor dining habits. Observe how others eat and how they look when viewed from across the table. Think about how others see you.  

How comfortble are you in introducing, mixing and mingling with strangers?

How do you rate your table manner and handling of cutlery (spoon & fork)?

Do some people offend or embarrass you by their eating?

Even your best friends will be reluctant to correct your poor dining habits. Observe how others eat and how they look when viewed from across the table. Think about how others see you. 

The concept of fine dining has been ignored by some executives. Your poor eating skills may alienate your clients. There is no excuse for embarrassing yourself and the person across the dining table by eating boorishly. Good table manners are simple enough to learn in one meal. We eat three meals a day so we have many opportunities to practise good table manners. Do not ruin your credibility by handling the fork like a caveman or a child. Basic dining skills are very simple to learn.

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The corporate sector in India is on the threshold of facing its biggest challenge, the global business challenge. Let’s assume that your clients decide to visit a fashionable French restaurant for a formal sit-down dinner. What do you do when you are surrounded by pieces of cutlery you have never seen before? Imagine that you are sitting with a few friends and a guest passes you a bottle of vintage wine to be opened. It reminds me of one of the incidents while I was working with Ambassador Hotel, Mumbai. One Indian host invited his foreign delegates over a business meal. He was very happy; his eyes were sparkling as he was in a position to treat the foreign delegates. He ordered a bottle of wine from the menu card. The waiter brought the wine and showed the label of the wine to the host. He had a look toward the waiter and in haste he said OK. Then the waiter poured little amount of wine into his wine glass and was waiting for his approval. He got bugged up as he was not serving to his guests. He shouted at the waiter by saying, “why are you not serving what do you think I can’t pay or what”. Once the waiter went away after serving to his guests, one of the guests told him “ Sir, you are supposed to taste the wine and then give him your approval signal. Once he gets your approval he serves to everyone”. The host felt so embarrassed. His sparkling eyes become pale. The star categories of hotel staffs are trained in western style to serve the wine to the guests. 

Venue: LMA Leadership Centre, Hyderabad,  

3A, Dhanajaya Chamber, 3rd Floor, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day, Metro Rail Pillar No.14, 

Please type 'LMA Leadership Centre' in the googlemap or call Ph:9989675936 if you have difficulty to locate venue

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