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"Join Me...I will Personally Help You Get Unstuck & Create The Life That You Truly Want And Deserve"

Dear Friend, 

Did you know that some of the greatest minds on our planets use Coaches or Mentors to help them give the edge? Also this will transform individual or your company to the next level by breaking the comfort zone? 

Coaches/Mentors/Trainers are designed to empower you with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results that you desire in the most important areas of your life. 

A truly effective Coaches/Mentors/Trainers engagement can help you clearly identify what is important to you, and how you can go about getting it in the shortest amount of time possible. 

It doesn't matter whether you're a corporate professional, an entrepreneur or a freelancer or any individual. 

By working with an experienced professional like Coaches/Mentors/Trainers, you’ll be ready to take empowering decisions that will have a significant positive impact in your life.

You may be wondering what makes me qualified to make that kind of statement. 

So let me introduce myself... 

My name is Krishna Murthy and I'm a Coach/Mentor/Trainer & Motivational speaker

Since late 2001, I've been working with several Indian & Multinational companies like Reliance,Kopran,Serco UK,WNS Global & associated with several clients like ETISALAT UAE,MTS Russia,Reliance Global services,USAA America,Airtel & BIGFLIX, just like you to help them overcome their biggest challenges and truly create the life they want and deserve.

I have helped my clients address various pressing issues in their personal, professional life and health by empathizing with them, giving them the bigger picture view of things and guiding them towards making the changes they want to make. 

Apart from working with clients one on one, I've also dedicatedly doing Business Coaching for SME/MSMEs and also conducted useful seminars & workshops for CEOs, in-house employee staff and so on.

Enough about me for now... Let's talk about yourself and the impact that you can experience from the coaching. 

Here's How My Coaching Sessions Can Help You...

Overcome feeling of helplessness and emotional confusion...

One of the main reasons why people struggle to create the life that they truly want and deserve is that they experience a lot of emotional confusion in their personal and professional life which makes them feel helpless and disempowered. 

This considerably affects their self-esteem and prevents them from taking any empowering decisions at all... even for their own good.

Through my Dedicated Coaching sessions, you will be able to overcome your feeling of helplessness and discover the inner-strength within you to begin taking empowering decisions to create the wonderful life that you want and deserve. 

Eliminate unwanted physical and emotional stress...

Most people currently engaged in small business or employee workforces are subject to extreme physical and emotional stress... which in turn wreaks havoc on their well-being. Some of the most common symptoms I have seen include...  

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Severe sleep disturbance
  • Emotional turbulence in the night
  • Emotional eating, Binge Drinking (and in some cases - substance abuse)
  • Lack of Personal & Organizational Vision
  • Lack of Précised Strategy
  • Loss of interest in socializing, spending time excessively on the internet and social media
  • Lack of focus at his company or in the work place
  • Multiple health issues due to unmanaged stress
  • And so on

You're probably going through some of these issues right now as well. 

When you start working with me, we will begin working on creating balance in your life... so you can eliminate the unwanted stress and establish physical and emotional well-being. 

Prevent self-destructive tendencies and overcome depression...

You know... when you're subject to this feeling of helplessness and emotional confusion over an extended period of time, you tend to fall into a self-destruct mode and begin knocking on the doors of depression. 

When you're in the self-destruct mode, you feel like a robot and you no longer care for yourself any more. You don't take care of your physical and emotional well-being... which in turn affects your health, social, personal and professional life. 

The ONLY way to prevent that is by instilling a sense of well-being and empowerment into you. My Coaching & Mentoring sessions help accomplish just that. 

Find out exactly what you want in your life and begin creating your future...

One of the main reasons why most people find themselves stuck is because they feel out of action & helpless because they are not able to see the big picture of things. You are not able to clearly see what the future holds for you. 

If you feel that way, don't worry. Through my Coaching & Mentoring sessions, I can quickly help you uncover what is important to you in your life and guide you towards creating your own future in the shortest possible time. 

Gain back control over your career and start moving up the ladder... 

Some of the people I work with aren't exactly in control over their careers as they'd like to be. Many of the emotional and physical traumas that they go through on a day to day basis have affected their career, and some of them are on the verge of quitting their jobs or have lost hope in their career. 

If you're one of them, don't worry. Through our sessions, I can help you get your career on track and help you start moving up the corporate ladder and create the financial independence that you want for yourself. 

What makes my Coach/Mentoring Sessions different...

100% protection for your privacy... 

When it comes to dealing with personal challenges such as these, your privacy is absolutely important. The information that you share with me will be safe and never disclosed anywhere. 

... and if you feel the need to sign a legal non-disclosure document to safeguard your personal issues, we can sign the same and begin working on your challenges. 

Anonymous coaching... 

If you're still concerned about your privacy issues, I also offer anonymous coaching to my clients where you don't disclose your real name with me. You can use a fictional name, set up a temporary Skype account and we can begin working on your issues. 

You might be a Celebrity, CEO, actor or even a housewife. Your privacy will be safe and secure. 

Weekly online sessions from the comfort of your own home/office... 

All of my coaching sessions are conducted remotely either via phone or Skype. You can work with me from the absolute comfort of your own home/office. There is NO need to travel for these sessions. 

All you have to do is schedule a weekly time slot with me and during that time, we can have our weekly coaching sessions and begin working on your issues. 

Most of my coaching engagements typically last for 1 year for Business Coaching with execution mechanism, 12 weeks for Personal Coaching/Mentoring... the amount of time I believe is required to create impactful change. 

By the end of 1 year or 12 weeks, you will walk out feeling like a totally different person, and I can assure you about that. 

In-Person Coaching is also available to a select "Few" clients...

If you're uncomfortable with remote coaching sessions done via phone or Skype, you can apply for In-Person coaching sessions with me. 

However, I do not work with just about everybody. I only work with a select "Few" clients who I believe are willing to give it their all to achieve the success they want. 

These 'In Person Coaching' sessions come at a premium price but will transform you from the inside-out completely. 

What some of my clients have to say about my life coaching sessions...

 Kindly visit for testimonials

My Clients are based in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh & spreading across the country

My 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I want you to be completely without risk, so here’s my guarantee…

Once you start working with me and you feel that my Coaching/Mentoring sessions are NOT really making much of a difference to you, you have the liberty of stopping the sessions and ask for a Pro-rata refund.

The reason I offer such a bold money back guarantee is because I know that my sessions will work for you. 

Within no time at all, you will find yourself overcoming some of your biggest challenges... some of which may have held you back for years together.

Here's How You Can Get Started...

You see, I do take my coaching seriously and I don’t take on everybody who reaches out to me. 

I only work with a select few people, per month and I only take on those clients that I see as a good fit… the ones that are truly committed to achieving their goals.

And that’s why I’m offering you a risk-free way to find out if you and I can work together.

You can get a introductory 120 minute coaching session (INR 5000 VALUE)(its free if you register thru with me personally where we discuss your personal life, your most important goals and how you can go about achieving them in the FASTEST manner possible.

At the end of the session… even if you choose NOT to hire me as a life coach, you can be sure that you’ll walk with tons of valuable knowledge that can seriously help you, when it comes to achieving your goals.

This Introductory Session Is Not For Everybody. Here's Who I Can Help...

I'm very picky about who I'll speak with and I've got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. 

Here it is: 

1. You must be committed towards change

This offer is only for those people who are really serious about making changes and creating the life they want. 

I can show you the path towards making the changes you need to make. I will hold you accountable. But eventually, you're the one that has to walk the path. 

So if you aren't willing to walk the path, I'm not interested in working with you. 

2. You have to make an advanced payment of Rs. 5000(its free if you register thru before you speak with me

Let me be 100% honest with you... 

I get a lot of emails from wanna-be folks and others who aren't really serious about the coaching. 

Many of these people apply for multiple session and fail to show up on time. They are quite clumsy and expect me to retake their calls at another time. 

I'm not interested in working with such people. 

And this is why I require all of my prospective clients to make a payment of Rs. 5000 (its free if you register thru they get to speak with me. 

Here's How To Start Your Introductory Coaching Session...

First, you will have to submit a form called Data Sheet & fill out some 'key' details about yourself and your business. 

Once you submit your form, kindly submit it us & make your advanced payment of Rs. 5000(its free if you register thru safely. (Cash/Cheque/DD/Online transfer) 

Right after I receive your initial payment, I will email/call you and set up a time for us to talk. You will receive this email within 48 hours of making a deposit. 

Here's What Will Happen After That...

You and I will get together for an intense virtual coaching session where we discuss your personal life, your most important goals and how you can go about achieving them in the FASTEST manner possible.

At the end of this initial planning session, one of these things will happen... 

1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, I'll wish you the best and ask you to keep in touch with me to let me know how you're going. 

2. You love the plan and ask to become my client so I can personally help you execute and achieve your goals. 

If that's the case, we'll get the ball rolling right away... and that's my promise. Every single one of my clients gets results. Literally. Every. Single. One.

It is really simple and there is no catch. 



Krishna Murthy

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