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About The Event

About #buildwithAWS:

One of the world's most powerful hosting platform, Amazon Web Services, needs to be harnessed in order to create high performance apps, sites and programs. We introduce a new series of LearnUps teaching you the capabilities and power of the AWS platform and how it can be leveraged to give your software the boost it needs.

These will take place on a weekly basis and will centre around imbibing you with key knowledge around using trending technologies to build and create highly interactive, engaging and performing websites, apps and programmes using the AWS platform.
You stand to gain from free & valuable knowledge from each LearnUp as well as knowledge on the Amazon Web Services Platform, this time in association with Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer support platform that enables companies of all sizes to provide great customer service.
How else do you benefit? Besides getting access to a LearnUp, you also get $100 worth of AWS credits you can use for website hosting and code uploading.

Session Agenda:

  • Understand Amazon Container Service and how they work with micro service architecture
  • What is micro service architecture and how do you do service discovery in micro service architecture
  • How do you do service orchestration in micro service architecture
  • How do services communicate with each other in micro service architecture

Problem statement:

  • Writing a bare bone http server in python/golang etc and deploying it on docker with 0 downtime.
  • Allowing git pull to modify files and letting docker pick these files automatically without having to recreate docker image.

About the Speaker:

Suraj Agarwal is a startup enthusiast with over 6+ years in the industry. He started his journey from Inmobi and was one of the first engineers of the DCP project there. After a short stint at Microsoft, he moved to Airpush, a US based adtech start up as a technical lead and grew fast to be one of the pillars of the tech team. He was involved in lot of key projects like campaign sorting, fraud detection, DSP, SSP, RTB to name a few. He then moved to as an architect and built DSP platform from scratch which could handle 10x requests on single node. Right now he is employed with Fintech startup- Indifi as the director of engineering and aims at building a marketplace that can redefine lending in India.

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