Building the A Team

Building the A Team


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About The Event

They say culture is the invisible co-founder of a startup. A startup team needs to strike the right chord when it comes to atmosphere, talent & hunger within. Our February theme is dedicated to helping you navigate in finding the right team set for your business & the challenges in forming that right team. Get to hear from the experts who have gone through the phase of growing their startup with a reliable team!

Building The 'A' Team

People and a great team form the lifeblood of a company’s success and more so for a fast growing startup that is building, breaking, and shipping products as quickly as they can. 

To drive this point home and to assist entrepreneurs like yourselves in building a team that not only is the backbone of your organization but the very foundation of it, we at Headstart, are choosing Building your A-Team as the theme for the Startup Saturday, February edition. This is the 2nd part of the 6-month series of 'How to Start a Start-Up', taking you through the steps, decisions, questions that every entrepreneur faces during a startup cycle.

A company’s success is not only the idea behind which the company works but the execution of the idea. It is also the product of a variety of factors, hard work along with the unique skills your team possesses. Elements outside of your control also factor in the overall growth and success of the company and as a CEO, it is your role to limit the latter from the equation as much as you can. 

So join us on 11th February and learn how to build a great culture, how to hire skilled individuals and also how to form an amazing team that takes your product to greater levels.


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