Build your Thinking Toolkit to Build Your Business

Build your Thinking Toolkit to Build Your Business


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About The Event

Speaker of the Event: Vishal Khandelwal ( Founder at  )

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The world is changing rapidly, and businesses are dying faster than ever. In such an environment, staying valuable to the society in a way which can’t be substituted by a robot is the only advantage you can create for yourself and your business

But how do you do that? By learning the big ideas – mental models – from various fields like psychology, evolution, physics, economics, etc., and applying them to your decision making.

This session will take you through the world of mental models and their relevance, and share some key models that must be in your thinking kitty as a startup owner. Instead of being a business owner with just a hammer for whom everything in the world looks like a nail, you must build your thinking toolkit if you wish to build your business. This session will help you with just those tools.

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