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Build Intec 2014

Introducing world's best Constructive ideas:

Construction involves the art, trade and work of a building. Behind this genre of creation are the effort, dedication and intelligence of many hands and many brains. In effect, each building is an idea erected to the sky; with the perfect synchronized support of those hands of construction industry. BUILD INTEC 2014, an international construction expo, is conceived to bring together the powers, which render life to the art of construction, under one roof.


Strategic location:

Coimbatore witnesses the massive congregation of world's construction industries' best brains and best hands at a single place - Codissia's BUILD INTEC 2014 exhibition venue. The entire industrial world is going to be unveiled here…with multitude of possibilities…displaying dreams…trading future…and creating associations. 

Coimbatore, an industrial hub with investor-friendly culture and geography, has been the destination of many international business ventures since last few years. Now, this area attracts investments in segments like Housing Sector, Malls, Star hotels, Textile, Engineering, IT sector and Infrastructure.



The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association is the force behind INTEC. An ISO 9001:2000 organization with 5269 members and four decades of experience, it has been preparing the industries of Coimbatore to take up the challenge of transforming the industrial scenario. Backed by CODISSIA's continuous endeavor INTEC has carved a niche for itself in the global sphere. 

CODISSIA is the one and only District Level Association in the whole of India to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with (VDMA) Plant and Machinery Manufacturers Association / Bavarian Section of West Germany. Through this, it proposes to work consistently in assisting the members to identify new technologies / promote joint ventures, technology transfers, send trade delegations etc. to foreign countries. CODISSIA is also renowned for having the maximum number of MoUs with educational institutions.

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