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Born To Win


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  • Born To Win

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Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is the process of creating models of excellence using your nervous system (neuro) and your language (linguistic) to program yourself and others to achieve the results you want. The creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder observed and analyzed geniuses in the field of behavioral change such as VirginaSatir (a famous family therapist) and Milton Erickson MD (a clinical therapist).



  • If you are committed to achieve an extraordinary quality of life….
  • If you are unwilling to settle for less than what you can…
  • If you are uncertain about your future and want to share it rather than just react…
  • If you have resolved to massively improve your relationships, your finances, your business, your career…


We all have big dreams. When you were very young, you felt everything is possible. What happened to those dreams? What happened to your desires and what happened to your life? 


BORN to WIN is a life transformational program which helps you to use the power of NLP to take immediate charge of your life, produce exceptional results and turn your dreams into concrete reality. This course transforms your thoughts to develop high levels of Positive Attitude and Self Confidence. You will be amazed at how much control you actually have over your own thoughts, behaviors and mental resources. You will be bursting with passion and laser sharp focus to match.

  • Fear and Uncertainty
  • Lack Confidence
  • Stagnant in Career & Mid Career Crisis – Survival of the fittest
  • Better Health & Improved Family Time
  • Not aware of the Purpose of Life
  • Relationship Building
  • Being Assertive Wealth Management and Living Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • Habits like Procrastination, Laziness
  • Meeting Commitments of work against Time
  • Not able to make the right decisions at the right time

If you have ticked any one of the above it just means that its time for you to take corrective action to create the right mindset. Do you feel that your life will be better when you take corrective action towards a solution for these challenges??

The Lessons from the Calgary Towers
Its always very impressive to look at the Calgary Tower in Canada and envy its beauty and its elegance but what makes the Calgary Tower stand tall and make it attractive? Is it just an external appearance?

If you go deep and dwell in to the details of the Calgary towers, the total weight of the tower is 10884 tonnes, while the weight of the tower below its base is 6349 tonnes.

Do you have a Strong Foundation for Success in Life?
So what do you learn from the above metaphor? In life you look at people and forget what made them successful and what made them what they are today? Its their base and foundation.

So Born To Win helps you develop the strong foundation with the focus of Personal Excellence

First day evening will be unforgettable. You will tap the awesome power within you that will change not only your approach towards life but your life as a whole. You’ll experience this power by walking barefoot across a bed of hot coals.

You will learn how to use unstoppable courage to overcome challenges and achieve results beyond your dreams. In the very first evening, you will learn to:
Overcome barriers that stand in the way of your success.
Instantly place yourself in the peak emotional, mental, and physical states.
Condition yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for consistent and overwhelming success in any or all areas of your life.

The Experience of Our Born To Win graduates...

Ajith & Vrinda Ajith
Businessman, India

I am a strong believer of the BORN TO WIN, which covers things that we can’t learn on our own. Its positive learning environment certainly helps to unleash hidden strengths. I have enrolled my family in the program and my wife understood her passion and started a new business.
D Mahalakshmi,
Homemaker, India
Born To Win program was reprogramming my mind. I felt energetic, enthusiatic and my confidence level increased. First day firewalk was amazing experience for me. Transform emotions into power yes I realized by firewalk.
Relationship Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai, India
BORN TO WIN has created self confidence in me. Professionally my performance has improved. I learnt balancing personal life and work. I got into more social welfare activities.



  1. Design your life’s blue print
  2. Reshape your thoughts and train yourself to be positive
  3. Learn to take action when it is required
  4. Realize the skills that you learn at BORN to WIN will be the most proven way to jump start a life with the changes that you really deserve.
  5. Understand with these skills and techniques you can fly over the road blocks that you experience in your life.
  6. Recognize you are not alone! Thousands of people have experienced this program in the past and achieved the results they deserve in life.
  7. Be ready to totally get immersed and bring out the unstoppable force from within!

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