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About The Event

Want to talk like a “TED” Talker?
Want to be an impressive orator like “Barack Obama”?
Want to be an impressive Speaker as “Narendra Modi”?

If yes, then This Workshop if just for you

BSR’s Public Speaking for Success- “The Number One Key to Winning”

Why not learn to speak up and speak out with passion, with pride and with power, which in turn impacts in all areas of one's life?

Public Speaking for Success uses the foolproof methods of BSR to turn the participant from a nervous novice into a confident presenter. BSR believes that public speaking is the number one key of success and this skills can be learned and developed. 

In this session, participants will learn the very same skills that worlds top speakers use to create powerful teams, future leaders and successful business people. To master the art of public speaking learners need to eliminate discomfort and boost confidence, and understand the key elements of opening, message delivery, closing, and question and answer. 

After attending the training, the participants will notice a considerable improvement in the usage of their language, their influencing and persuasive power through improved communication and better speaking skills. 

We need to have good communication skills because…
Most of today's influential people reached the level of success by their sheer skills of influence/ persuasion. 
People who can communicate well are always wanted in any organization.
Sensitive and skilled communicators always get high regard in the society
People with better communication skills always command respect and are always chosen by people as leaders
Public Speaking & Communication Skills have always been one of the topmost skills demanded by employers.
This workshop will help you to:
Be more confident and effective as a speaker
Get and keep the attention of an audience.
Enhance the ability to promote your college, organization or business.
Have better interpersonal skills, Team building skills, leadership skills, 
Communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas much better.
Get the credit that you deserve whenever you speak in public.
Speak concisely, clearly and confidently with anyone at anytime.
Develop your ability to motivate others.
Increase your general speech fluency.
Be aware of your personal potential and will help you to maximize it.
Destroy your fear of impromptu or spontaneous speaking challenges.
Increase your opportunities for career advancement.
Enhance your ability to help and train others.
Improve your social life
Speak out in important situations, as parent, child, student, employee, employer, manager, youth, citizen, etc.
Learn to understand your audience better & inspire them
Design effective presentations and write excellent speeches
Be an excellent listener
Deal with disruptions effectively
Handle question & answers well

Workshop dates: 25th & 26th February 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: Sun & Sand, Bund Garden Road, Pune
Investment: INR 9000.00 

About the Faclitator : Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR)

Leadership Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Author | Business & Life Coach 

Having made many people’s journey meaningful and successful, Leadership Trainer and “Breakthrough” Coach – “Bhupendra Singh Rathore”, has committed his life to acquiring and transferring learnings that will transform the lives of all, whom he touches. Enabling individuals and organizations to continuously challenge their own horizons is his mission in life”.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional, an athlete, an executive or anyone else seeking a high level of performance and success BSR’s Personal Development Workshops are uniquely designed to help you go to the next level. 

Known for his high-energy and engaging message, BSR has become a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and advisor on strategy execution, regularly delivering keynote speeches and executive presentations to leaders in audiences ranging from the hundreds to several thousand. 

As the founder of Challenging Horizons Pvt. Ltd & Entrepreneur Wizards, BSR’s mission is to help Leaders & Entrepreneurs of emerging; fast-growth companies increase the value of their firms. 

BSR has a gift for turning complex problems into simple solutions. He is a respected leadership authority, business coach, family expert, teacher and organizational consultant.

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