Bridging Differences Through the Language of Art - Seminar

Bridging Differences Through the Language of Art - Seminar


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    Bridging Differences Through the Language of Art

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In a world that is becoming smaller and evermore tightly connected, it becomes imperative to facilitate communication between people of various cultures. Art plays a unique role as a bridge across peoples of diverse backgrounds, highlighting the underlying unity of human spirit among diverse peoples of our planet. Bridging of cultural gaps does not mean widespread assimilation or monotonous uniformity. In fact, humanity must cherish its legacy of diversity, whilst recognizing that inside the various exteriors, lay fundamental similarities. Languages, Religions, Customs, and Mythologies all form different shells around a single nucleus of universal Truth, of which art is an expression. Join Mr. Pierre Poulain, renowned photographer and philosopher, in his investigation of this unique role of Art, and let's together shed light on the fundamental unity of humanity.

In collaboration with Le Sutra HotelBetter Photography

**Registration is required in Advance. Number of Seats Limited**
Registration Fee: Rs. 150/-

About Pierre Poulain:

Pierre seamlessly combines two major aspects of his life—philosophy and photography. He started as a street photographer in Paris in 1976. In 1986, he moved to Tel Aviv and started the Israeli branch of New Acropolis International School of Philosophy which he heads till date. He graduated from the Studio Gavra School of Photography in Israel and in the past 10 years he teaches photography workshops all over the world. His works have been featured internationally.

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More about New Acropolis:
Established by Jorge Angel Libraga on the foundations of Practical Philosophy and Universal Fraternity, members of New Acropolis are driven by their fundamental respect for human dignity beyond race, sexual, cultural, religious or socio-economic differences. We respect, but transcend, diversity, and find unity in a set of common ethical principles. At New Acropolis, philosophy does not remain intellectual food for thought. Instead our scholastic progress reflects in our cultural and volunteer endeavors. We maintain a heightened state of awareness of the world around us, devoting ourselves to the improvement of the Human Condition by aligning ourselves with the Laws of Nature. New Acropolis is a Global Non-profit Organization, represented in over fifty countries. Visit us at for more information, and a list of upcoming activities.

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